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Preparture is an app where a traveller on any location across the world can share their itinerary and interests, based on which, the app will show what to do till the flight departure timings. Preparture app calculates the estimated time to reach the destination and formats the short time span between the transits to visit local attractions.

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Time calculation for reaching multiple destinations individually and in total was a challenge. Another challenge was to show the routes with different colors and to get the optimised version of the route. We also had to add enhance mode feature where the user feeds multiple destinations and the app plans their trip according to the closest destination and appropriate mode of the transport to save more time. A reminder to leave the destination as per the inserted time of the user was also an involvement.


We used Google maps API to calculate the time and distance between each of the destinations and framed a route with estimated timings. The same individual distance measurement and time calculation were used to enhance mode feature and shortest suggested path for the user. For the reminder, we calculated the total travel time of the user’s journey and created a slot to guide about what time to start, how much will be the travel time, how much time they can stay at one destination and before 10 minutes of the leaving time from their final destination, a reminder is set.


User Interface

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User receives a welcome message with weather and options like local travel and international travel that helps them to enter the appropriate route. The feature allows a user to select their interest and get related search results to save a lot of time.

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Cleverly designed user interface is a doddle with large and precise menu icons that make even easy to navigate. It’s simple for the user to plan and keep track of all travel patterns, favourites, and settings.

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A user can learn details about the places and read the reviews and write one.

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