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Xrundan is a treasure hunt gaming app, a digital version of ‘Tipspromenad’ which is popular as a ‘walk around quiz’. Players will have a map where the QR code is hidden. He or she has to scan the QR code to get the question that needs to be answered before moving on to the next question. This gaming app supports an NGO which donates 60% of payment to different charities.

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The development process of Xrundan was an engrossing ride because we had many different challenges during the development phase. The first challenge was to create the digital version of the popular treasure hunt game “Tipspromenad”. Generating a dynamic QR code for every quiz question was another. One of the major problems was Swish payment integration. Also, raising the actual destination-wise questions, winner report calculation, geography-wise reports, and gender-wise reports were an intractable issue.


For creating the digital version of the quiz, we used the QR codes which will show the questions once it is scanned. We developed our own algorithm for generating dynamic QR codes every time. By making use of the multiple joints and multiple views, we generated a solution for the customized reports. We asked for the certificate from the bank which was then delivered to the Swish. Swish processed the certificate and sent us the link which we integrated in our system. We also used the third party API which helped us connect with the Swish server.


User Interface

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To make the question and answer game of the treasure hunt more gripping, we divided the quiz in multiple formats. Formats were divided into text questions, audio clips and videos.

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To keep users aware, we showed the total number of kilometers walked by an individual user, a combined total of all the users, and a total amount of donation to different charities on the welcome screen.

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The reports screen was placed in the app to show the total number of questions asked and the number of correct and incorrect answers given by the user.

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The player can assign other players to form a group and then start the treasure hunt.

A map is given to find a way to the QR code. The player can unlock the question only after scanning the QR code. The question can be in audio, video or text format.

Two motives can be achieved with one game; one is having a gaming entertainment of treasure hunt and second is fundraising for charities.

A system of generating a customized report as per an individual player was made to have a more personalized experience.



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