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Reservation Time Cutter is an app to solve the troubles of waiting in the queue at a restaurant for getting a table, then exploring the menu, giving an order and at last have the food on table. Reservation helps the user to book the table at their convenience by just feeding in number of people, date and time.

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What came first, the hen or the egg? It is that simple and it is that hard. Isn’t it? We faced a similar situation during the development phase. It was hard to decide that whether to book the table first or take the order first.


We resolved this issue by reserving a specific time slot within which the user has to place the order. If they fail to place the order within their time slot, they have to repeat the entire process again and their table will be allotted to other users.

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We made the booking process as painless as possible. A user just has to book the table by feeding the number of persons, time of arrival, and a specific time slot for the order placement.

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Users will not have to wait at the table for their order. They can browse the menu, check different food items with prices, and customize their menu by selecting the items to order.

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Selecting a restaurant is a child’s play with the app feature that helps in checking the daily timings of the restaurant, ratings and reviews and other details before booking and placing the order.

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The user can check the dining history to repeat or not to repeat the last order.

If a user decides to eat at home, they can pick up their order with a prior booking and without having to wait in the line.

Table can be reserved for a particular date to mark the celebration of the special occasion. User can pre-order and make the payment in advance for the same.

The drive-through option helps to get the order right in the car without having to get out or wait long in the waiting line.



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