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ClassDojo Clone App Development, ClassDojo Educational App

ClassDojo Clone App Development

Class Dejo Clone App Development

Kids can be difficult to understand. They are the only creatures here who have the simplest and easiest life with highest complexities. I mean, they are the age group where even the minute thing can affect them majorly which makes them fragile. How hard parents try, they cannot know everything about them and when they miss them, kids can turn out to be a spoilt kid. Which is why apps like ClassDojo come into the picture. The teachers can keep the parents informed about the daily schedules of the student. They can keep the parents posted digitally about the food intake, water intake, educational performance, activities participated in and performance was given in them, and every such little thing.

Parents teacher meeting is conducted once in a month which is not enough to know and share things about a student. An app like ClassDojo will make the parent's teacher conversation easy. If you are amazed by the concept and have a pendulum in the mind whether or whether not to develop such an app, let me help you decide with some numbers.

Statistical Facts About ClassDojo Clone Development


The number of installation of this education app is 10000000 and more.


The number of in-app purchase of the app is between 67.25 to 690 per item.


ClassDojo, a teacher-parent communication app is able to raise funding of $35 million.


The parent-teacher communication app ClassDojo is being used in more than 180 countries some of them are Spain, the UK, UAE, Australia, HongKong, and many more.


More than 50% of the primary schools in Australia and more than 90% of the schools in the US have already accepted and using ClassDojo app.

If these stats were able to convince you and you want a ClassDojo app development for your own, let me help you figure out the features you need have in it.


Features To Have In ClassDojo Clone Application Development

  • Chat With Parents/Teachers

This feature helps the teachers and parents to have a chat with each other about the students, studies, upcoming exams or activities, the performance of the students, date of the parent's teacher meet, and any other thing they deem fit.

  • Check Time Table

The parents can check the time table through the app about the subjects to be taught or upcoming tests or exam.

  • Calendar

The student, parents, and teachers can check the calendar and know about the schedule of the entire month, upcoming holidays, exams, or events.

  • News

This will keep the parents notified about the things happening in the school. This feature will show the articles, blogs, images, videos showing any update in the school, any activity, or any other thing.

  • Assignments

Students can get the assignment through the app from their respective teach and they can also submit them through the app only.

  • Share Videos And Images

The teachers and parents can share images and videos with each other through this feature of the app.

  • Create a Profile

The teachers can create their profile, add an image, add their experience, their educational background, and such other things.

  • Student Profile

The student also has a profile where subject wise performance is mentioned, also the amount of participation in other activities, punctuality, behavior, and such other things are mentioned.

  • Share Reports

The teachers can share the report card of the students with the parents through the app and discuss it as well.

  • Attendance Management

The teacher can feed the attendance through this feature and parents can check the attendance of their kids. This will give a fair idea about the regularity of the students in the class.

  • Class Management

This feature will show the number of classes, divisions, and teachers attending those classes.

  • Student Management

This feature will allow the teacher to see which student is in which class, which class has how many students, and how is their performance.

  • Subject Management

This feature will show which subject is taken by which teach in which class. This way parents will know whom to talk with regarding subject-wise performance of their kid.

  • Daily Activity

It will show the routine activity of the student like water intake, food intake, sports activity participated in, and any other activity like this.

  • Notice Board

This feature will show every single activity happening in the school, any competition, any event, exams, or any such thing.

  • Notifications

This feature will send the instant notification about the declaration of the result or the organization of events, or scheduling of exam, or anything relating to school or the kid.

  • Complaint Board

This feature will help the parents and teachers both to lodge a complaint regarding anything whether it is about the management, teaching or students attendance or performance.

  • Group Chat

Here all the parents and teachers of one class are in a group. Any topic can be discussed here about kids and schools.

Time Needed For ClassDojo Clone App Development

Project management 20 Days
Android development 50 Days
iPhone development 50 Days
Admin 40 Days
API 30 Days
Designing 20 Days
Testing 20 Days

Well, the time might change based on the feature and functionality you choose. It might be less if you opt for the MVP and it might be more if you want to integrate more features. However, it will revolve somewhere around 2 to 3 months in general.

ClassDojo Like Apps We Have Developed

If you are looking for an iPhone or Android app development company who is not just good at explaining the entire concept of the app but also good at developing one for you, you have landed at the right place. 360 Degree Technosoft has developed something very similar to ClassDojo app. Take a look at the Littlediaries app (which is now renamed as Nino parents), the education app which is very much similar to the ClassDojo. Take a look and see for yourself.


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Why Should You Hire Our ClassDojo Clone Development Company?

One of the reasons for hiring us is just presented above, Littlediaries (which is now renamed as Nino parents). We just presented the proof that we own the expertise and experience of developing an education app like ClassDojo. Of course, that won’t be the only thing you will be looking for when you hire a company. We have developers who are experienced and competent enough to justice any complex project and yet be bound by the time limit assigned. We have served local as well as global clients and hence we are available 24*7 for communication, complaint, query, and solution of all of those. We held your hand right from the stage of the idea sharing to the app sharing on the Store. Also, our post launch support accompanies you whenever you need one. If there are queries, just contact us and we will talk the rest.

Technology To Be Used In ClassDojo Clone Development

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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