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Diet And Nutrition App Development

Diet And Nutrition App Development

Majority of the people these days are overweighted. Overweight can cause plenty of health-related issues which is why we have diet and nutrition apps. These apps will help the people know about their current condition and create a proper plan to reach the level which is called fit and healthy. There are multiple factors affecting a persons weight and health and proper diet and exercise can make it all right.

If you want to contribute to keeping people fit and healthy by developing a diet and nutrition app, you should know exactly what features should be included in such an app.

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  • Login/signup
    The first feature is the signup for the new users. The user can also signup using their social media accounts or Google. For already registered users, a login option should be available.
  • Personal Details
    To correct your diet habits, knowing your current habits, addictions, and eating patterns are highly essential. Hence, there has to be a feature where all the personal details need to be filled. Feed all the personal details like weight, height, age, and eating habits. Also, feed any addictions like alcohol consumption or smoking or any possible allergies. This will help the app to create a perfect diet plan for the user.
  • Diet Plan
    Based on the height, weight, and age, the app will create a diet plan. This plan will include what to eat and what not to eat. There will also be a specific plan for when should you eat. Following this diet plan would make you attain your goal. If you are not okay with one plan, the app can suggest you multiple plans maintaining the nutrition balance and yet focus on reducing or increasing the weight as planned.
  • Water Intake
    For a healthy and fit body, a certain amount of water intake is also very necessary. The app would also suggest how much water is needed for your body and what is the best time to drink that.
  • Notifications
    This feature is to make sure that the user doesn’t forget anything. It will notify the user that its the time to drink water or its the time for a meal or its the time for walk or exercise. Apart from these, this will also notify the user about the addition of any new feature or any such thing.
  • Chat With Expert
    There are diet and nutrition experts and the user can have personal chat with them. They can ask the expert about any issues or doubts and take their advice by chatting with them.
  • Subscription Plan
    The app can be free or it can have subscription packages for the users. Certain features will be availed to the users for free and to use other there can be different subscription packages. This way the app can also generate revenue.
  • Use Third Party API
    The app must include third-party APIs like Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. Both of them are open for granting access to the essential data relating to users activity.
  • Wearable Device Connectivity
    There are varied wearable devices like Apple watch, Mi bands, Android wear, and Fitbit. The core reason behind using smartwatch is to monitor their health on a constant basis. These help the user to track the number of steps walked, calories gained or burnt, and many more things as well. Your app must have the feature to get connected with wearable to satisfy the users.
  • Social Sharing
    Social media influence people a lot. This is what there must be a social sharing feature in the app. This way the user can share their entire fitness journey, collect appreciation for themselves and motivate others to follow the same route.
  • Calorie Counter
    This feature calculates the number of calories gained and burnt in a day. It can also give the weekly and monthly status of the same. Some diet and nutrition tips are shared based on this status.

Time Needed In Diet and Nutrition App Development

Resources Time Needed
Project management 20 Days
Android development 75 days
iPhone development 75 days
Web development 90 days
API development 30 days
Admin 50 days
Designing 15 days
Testing 20 days

Technology to be Used For Developing A Diet And Nutrition App

Push Notifications
Core Image Filter
Android Image Filter
Core Data
Realm Mobile Database

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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