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eCommerce Mobile App Development

eCommerce App Development Company

If you intend to take your eCommerce business higher, increase its traffic, hype your sales, increase your customer retention and also higher the RIO then e-commerce app development is something that you need. There are already plentiful such apps available on the market so, how is your app going to stand out? Well, when you should hire the best eCommerce app development company who can integrate the best features, then your business will definitely see the user & profit curve rising.

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Features That Make Your eCommerce App Development :

Before you start selling products online, let's define and pick the features to make your app the best selling one.

  • Non-Complex Registration Process
    Too many details for registration will compel the users to lose interest in the app. A short and simple registration is all an app needs.
  • Visually Enhancing With Eye-Pleasing Themes
    The mobile device has a restricted space and fitting all the features is a complex task from the designing point of view. Make sure the mobile app design is uncluttered and the user has an attractive journey while scrolling the app which compels them to make a purchase.
  • Simple UI and Easy Navigation
    eCommerce stores have a plethora of products of different categories to showcase and sale. The UI of the app should be such that the user can get his desired product without getting confused or search rigorously. The user interface should be simplistic yet beautiful & navigation of the app should be undoubtedly easy.
  • Advanced Search Options
    When there is such huge product list, you can’t miss out on the search feature. The user can search any product and avail with the categorized search option as well. Filters can also be added for a more customized search to help the user get exactly what they are looking for.
  • Show Relevant Products
    When the user searches for one product, she/he should be given similar suggestions to help them shop and give them more options for shopping.
  • Multi-Currency Support
    Offer the customeacc-mbox-titlers with international shopping experience with multi-currency support. Let the user from any corner of the world visit your eCommerce site and make a purchase from anywhere at any time through any currency options / multi-currency support.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    The user must be availed with payment methods as per their likes and convenience. They must be offered all the options like credit card, debit card, cash on delivery, etc. If the user can’t get multiple options for making payment, it will decrease your sales.
  • Multi-Lingual Support
    Well, not a mandatory feature but an add-on to your ecommerce app. This feature will enable the user to convert your store into their local language and enjoy their shopping experience.
  • Wishlist
    If you haven’t integrated this feature into your eCommerce app, you are losing a considerable amount of revenue. Having a wishlist feature is like allowing the user to bookmark the items they wish to buy in the future date. Notifications can also be sent to the users regarding that product to increase the sale.
  • Return Policy
    If the user not happy & satisfied with the product, the option of returning should be made available to them. Many a time, when they are unsure they won’t make a purchase. With return policy, they will give it a try and maybe keep the product generating more revenue for your eCommerce business.
  • Social Media Integration
    Apart from all other features, this is a must-have one. It will help the users in easy registration and login. Also, it will help the users in sharing the apps offers with other friends on social media platforms.
  • Easy Check Out
    The user should always be allowed with the easy check out option. The user must be availed with the option to finish the order with minimum information. Just feed the shipping address, contact details, name and done. This will increase sales.
  • Notifications
    This feature is mandatory for reaching the end users to get the immediate effect. For offers and promotions, discounts, seasonal sales, the best way to reach out to the customers is notifications.
  • Share Feedback
    With an eCommerce application development, the user can share their feedback about the product received or about their buying experience or any such relevant thing. This will help other customers to know whether the product is purchase worthy or not.
  • Order Tracking
    This feature allows the user to know whether their order has been dispatched or where it has reached and when it will reach to them.
  • Multiple Vendor Options
    This feature allows checking the same product sold by different vendors and make a price comparison of all and order from the vendor offering the best price.
  • Product Categorization
    There are plenty of products in an eCommerce app. Product categorization will help the user find the products they want to buy without having to search.
  • Multiple Shipment Option
    The user can order different products from different products and enjoy the multiple shipment features.
  • One of the core benefits of indulging in eCommerce App is to boost your sales. With mobile app development, the chances of building long-lasting customer relationship are high.
  • Also, not to forget the increased customer base you can develop an eCommerce App.
  • eCommerce App will also entail your business with increased visibility.
  • The customers will be gifted with improved usability with an app.
  • The features like Microphone, GPS Tracker, Camera in the Mobile App will help to keep the entire record of customers actions and plan next moves accordingly.
  • eCommerce App Development
  • eCommerce Website Designing & Development
  • Custom eCommerce Website Development
  • B2C eCommerce Services
  • B2B eCommerce Services
  • eCommerce Services for Multi-vendor
  • eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce Shopping-cart Development
  • eCommerce App Testing
  • Our company has an extensive portfolio of years of satisfactory services offered.
  • We excel in both D’s Designing and Development leaving no glitch in clients expectations.
  • Our eCommerce app development team is really careful when it comes to timeframes and budget.
  • Our company is compatible with fresh projects and also open to re-designing and re-development related assignments.

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