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Education Application Development

educational app development

Education is no more locked in the doors of the classroom. The hyped trend of online education has handed over smartphones, tablets, and iPads in the hands of the kids.With the development of education apps, kids are learning the right use of technology. Parents are at ease and teachers are at comfort with mobility educational solutions. The education app we develop renders interactive learning models along with personalized learning experience.

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  • Education and ELearning App
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Mobile UI

KonceptCA is an educational app for students preparing for CPT. The app empowers students to learn with online quizzes, tutorials,...


Education App Development

  • Improved and speedy interaction with parents, teachers, and students.
  • Keep the students engaged for a longer span of time with captivating graphics and HD designs.
  • Knowledge gaining and knowledge sharing made easy with education app development.
  • Students are availed with 24*7 support.
  • Parents are at ease to track their child’s progress at any time they want.
  • Education app development makes the learning process more fun and eradicates the boredom part.
  • By adding catchy colors and interesting music in the app, students will enjoy the learning session even more.
  • Multilingual support in the education app.
  • Scalability
    Hiring an education app developer will make things handy when it comes to imparting training, framing new policies, forming new ideas and concepts. Mobile app development applied in any field whether it is education or entertainment, it avails the business with agility.
  • Increased Retention
    To sustain a business success, it's important to keep the customers hooked. Mobile apps incorporate blended learning approach which gives increased retention rate.
  • Reduced Paper Cost
    When the teaching and learning process is pushed through apps, it will eliminate the usage of paper from the entire process. Right from the learning material to organizing quiz, from conducting a test to exams, the entire system will be shifted online eradicating the use and ultimately cost of paper.
  • Track of Users Activity
    Through mobile app development, you can keep a track on the number of learners, their activity, and frame your content in a way which enhances their user experience and your funds.
  • The user has to sign up/sign in for getting registered and further use of the education app.
  • Teachers can upload educational video, a tutorial on any subject in the form of text, image, video or audio.
  • Teacher can schedule an exam for the registered students.
  • Teachers can maintain the attendance of the students through education app.
  • Students are at ease of checking their schedule of the day right through the app.
  • Students can check the type and location of the classes.
  • Students can make note of the lecture in any format through image, audio, video in their digital diary.
  • Teachers can update the schedule of classes, days, exams, tests, celebration and assignments and students can get information of the same through the education app.
  • Students can check the calendar and see the holidays, date of examination, which is subject is there on which date and plan their things accordingly.
  • Syllabus
    This feature of education app development enables the users to access every teeny weeny content like an assignment, learning lessons or syllabus of the course. The feature allows the users to not only access the materials but also download them to refer them at a future date.
  • Push Notifications
    Any changes in the materials or course or syllabus or exam schedule should be notified to the users through the feature of push notification. A separate section has to be placed in the education app for notification management.
  • Activity Management
    Activity forum is a must have in any of the education apps. Users can check the latest events in their relevant courses. Through this feature, users are at the ease of tracking all the events of the selected course. A filter can also be integrated to avail the users with customized search option of the activities either subject-wise or date-wise.
  • Private Messaging
    This feature is an add-on for both students and faculties which facilitates both the parties to communicate privately. Faculties can sort the messages through student names and students can share their issues, discuss their queries through messaging the related faculty privately.
  • Conduct Quiz
    After the learning is completed. There is a quiz which student can appear to test their knowledge and how much you need to improve.
  • Raise A Query
    While learning from the app, if the student does not understand anything, have any doubt, they can raise a query and get an adequate answer for the same.
  • You have imagination, we can give you perfect execution.
  • Whether it is Android, iPhone or iPad app development, we excel at any platform you choose.
  • We guarantee a glitch-free education app.
  • From designers to developers, from testers to marketers, we house the best ones here art 360 Degree Technosoft.
  • Customer-centric app with the competitive pricing model.

Well, experienced work speaks for itself and here are education app development work, Konceptca, Thelittlediaries, Toddler Tutor, Dalton Education, CSE Preparations, and CSE Flashcards. Some of the education app where we have incorporated the best features.

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