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Event Application Development

event app developers

If you are thinking is there even a need to get an event app developed? My question is why not. When can you get communication and collaboration right at one platform between planners and clients, why not to indulge in an event app development? There can be a huge fuss managing a big event without an event app. So, if you are anywhere relevant to the event planning and organizing, get acquainted with the incorporation of this app into your business. Let’s peep into some of the basic features an event app must have.

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Must-Have Features In Event App Development

Let’s make managing a big event at the control of our fingertips. Yes, this is definitely possible with an event app comprised of the best features jotted below.

  • Feature of managing multiple events right through one app.
  • Creating profiles of members of the event.
  • Calender to mark the dates of the event and plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Accessibility feature to let the members of the app have access to the venue, date, time and members invited to the event.
  • Agenda of the event to keep the attendees informed.
  • Sessions or tracks of the scheduled event.
  • Social sharing feature.
  • Feature of live polling or surveys.
  • Picture sharing with other attendees, uploading your ones within the app, liking pictures of other attendees and commenting on their pictures. This will increase the interaction between different attendees attending the same event.
  • Chuck off the paperwork by adding the document feature to your event app development where you can send the important documents to yourself or others and also download them.
  • Provide the attendees of the event with maps to help them find the direction to different stalls, rooms, and booths of the event without having to leave the app.
  • One of the essential features a smart event mobile app development company will never fail to integrate is real-time update. Events will for sure have last minute changes, a real-time update will help quickly feed the changes and inform the attendees about the same.
  • Provide admin access to the sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers to avail the liberty to create their profiles and manage them accordingly.
  • Feature to check the availability of tickets and buy them.
  • Feature to provide a discount on the purchase of bulk tickets.
  • Feature to scan the QR code for taking entry in the event.
  • Make payment in multiple modes for tickets through the app.
  • Choose the category of the event according to the likes and interests.
  • The feature of conducting a location-wise search of the events.

Things To Consider While Developing An Event App?

Developing and deploying an event app is not a piece of cake. It takes effort and investment on a higher scale. You don’t want to miss on any important aspect and regret at the end or have to spend some more bucks to rectify the errors. So, ask the event app developers whether the app will function for the attendees both online and offline? Is the navigation easy and simple enough even for the newbies to understand and use? Will it be possible to make any end minute alterations and publish it on the go? If the answers are affirmative, you can move ahead with the development.

What Issues Does An Event App Solve?

Its quite blatant engaging and managing attendee globally is tricky when it is about event or conference management. Handling people, tasks, venue, menu altogether becomes a tedious task that too under the pressure to deliver a trouble-free and memorable experience for the attendees. Having an iPhone and Android app development for the event will redress your issues. Let me portray which issues and how.

  • Cost is always a huge constraint for any individual but shifting your event to the mobile app will cut the costing. The app will eradicate the need of booklet printing saving you the cost on paper and printing.
  • An app can do half of the functions of personnel so again lowering the cost of hiring and managing more number of people.
  • Huge amount of information can be promptly delivered to outnumbered people in no time because of the mobile app.
  • It would be easy to deploy end minute changes and communicate the same to the attendees without any blitz.
  • A surged mobile app experience means a surged event experience.

Who Should Hire An Event App Development Company?

  • Event planning organizations

  • Catering business owners

  • Wedding planners

  • Party planners

  • Exhibition organizations and trade show

  • Conference centers and hotels

  • Meeting planners and corporate conference planners

Why Should You Hire Our Event App Development Company?

Our company has already worked for the big brand ABB and Global Meeting for developing its own enterprise event app. The brand was happy and satisfied with our work. So, you can consider our mobile app development company now having known our experience of working with brands. Our company doesn’t carry a brand-oriented perspective, we are open to giving a kick-start the startups. Also, our company is equipped with the talent to incorporate all the above-mentioned features and if you have anything extra, anything new, we are on our toes to hear that out and work it out for you.

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