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Fitness Application Development

We need apps for each and every routine activity of our life, maybe we have grown lazy. From waking up in the morning to taking pills at night, we have reminders in our mobile app. Now, we also need apps to remain fit & healthy throughout the year. 360 Degree Technosoft can help you with that. We are the best you can get for the fitness app development. Its quite obvious not everyone can spare time to hit the gym on regular basis, but that doesn’t mean they can’t remain fit. You can follow some strict & sensible fitness routine and remain healthy on your own.

Get some of the best apps on your phone and get started. Businesses do realize this demand and need of the hour and come up with some of the best fitness app development ideas to seize the opportunity and generate revenue out of it. If you are in the similar league, here are some of the astounding features to have in your fitness application development.

Features To Have In Fitness App Development

User Features

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    Log in with Facebook or Google to get started with the App on the go. For the new users, registration option should be given with minimum details needed.

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    Visual Representation Of The Exercise

    At times, the text is not enough to make the user understand. This brings the app to have videos showcasing the exercise which user can watch and follow.

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    One on One Chat With Fitness Experts

    This feature allows the user to have a chat with the experienced trainers & fitness experts to take fitness advice and build your fitness plan.

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    Amount Of Water Intake

    This feature keeps a track on the amount of water intake in a day and also give timely reminders about the same.

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    Diet Chart

    The user can get diet chart according to their weight, height and their agenda to lose or increase. The fitness experts frame the diet chart to be followed by the users.

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    Different Fitness Plans: Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced

    Beginner fitness follower can’t do the high-level exercises at the very start. This brings the fitness app developers to frame three plans the one for the beginner which includes the basic exercises, the second one is intermediate with a level bit higher and the third one is advanced for the regular workout people.

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    Different Workout Plans

    Every individual cannot work on the similar plan, they need options. Various workout plans should be framed, some of them should be easy, some of them should be moderate and some of them should be tough.

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    Track Your Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Progress

    The fitness milestones of the user are stored in the app. The user can at any point of time access their progress on daily base, weekly or monthly base. This can help the user decide whether they are going right or need any changes.

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    Altimeter-Steps Counter

    This feature will keep a track on the number of steps walked by the user and also the number of stairs climbed by the user.

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    Calorie Counter

    This feature of the fitness app development shows the number of calories gained or lost as per the input of food and workout did by the user.

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    Push Notifications

    Users can know about the new addition in the type of exercises, change in the session, the addition of new experts in the app, some offer or deal or any such thing through a notification dropped in their device.

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    Feedback Submission

    The user can share the feedback whether the app helped achieve the fitness they aimed for or about the trainer or any exercise they liked or worked for them.

Dietician Features

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    Customized Fitness Plan For Each User

    Dietician of the app can frame some general plans which can be followed by any user. They are also supposed to frame fitness plan for individual users according to their health condition and their physical condition.

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    Subscription Packages

    Different subscription packages should be given for the users to choose from. Basic and advanced subscription package should be availed to the user.

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    BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

    This feature will calculate the BMI index of every user according to their weight and height. This will help them decide whether to increase or decrease the weight or height of the user.

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    Fitness Chart

    The dietician should prepare a diet chart for the users to follow.

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    Customized Nutrition Plan For Each User

    The dietician can prepare and share the nutrition according to the BMI of the user. It is different for every user.

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    The dietician can also give ratings & reviews about the plans or any user through the app.

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    Coupon Code

    The dietician can give coupon codes for money saving to the users. This will attract more users to the app.

Admin Features

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    The admin can view and manage the entire application and every feature by logging in the dashboard.

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    Maintain The User’s Session

    The admin can manage the user's session with the app and make changes if they feel users are not engaging with the app.

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    Manage Subscription Plans

    The admin can manage the number of subscription plans, type of subscription plans, the things to be included in the subscription plan & number of members subscribed for the subscription plan.

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    Manage Trainer

    The admin can add new trainers, remove the old ones, assign the trainers to the user and any other changes they deem fit.

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    Manage Food Plans

    The admin can access the food plans, add new ones, make changes in the existing ones and manage it all.

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    Manage Nutrition

    The admin can manage the nutrition in the diet plan of the users & suggest the changes as per the user's fitness plan.

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    Access And View Payment Methods

    The admin can have access to the payment methods, whether it be cash or through a card or through the wallet. He can access which subscriber has made the payment and which payments are outstanding and send notification for the same.

Why Should You Develop A Fitness App?

Well, the app enables storing the entire data relating to user fitness all at one place and allow the user to access it at any point of time. Diet plans, individual workout sessions, plans and prescriptions - everything can be accessed right through your hand. Keeping a track on the physical condition has never been easier. A fitness application development will eradicate the need for visiting doctor for minute things like checking the blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

The collected data can promptly be shared with the experts and received feedback on the same. Fitness application development motivates the lazy people to get off the couch and get their body in shape, ditch the unhealthy junks and shift to a healthy diet.

Types of Fitness App Solutions

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    Workout or exercise app
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    App for the physical activity tracker
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    App for nutrition and diet planning
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    App for yoga sessions

Why Our Fitness App Development Company?

Our company has already developed one of the best apps in the similar domain, Slimfit. The app consists of all the features described above and hence you can trust us that we can do justice to your fitness application.

Some of the similar suggestion you can try other than SlimFit are RunKeeper, Fitbit, and Nike training club. The basic offering of our fitness app development is weight maintenance, diet management and bodybuilding. If these are the kind of audience you are targeting, our fitness mobile app development company is the perfect fit for you.

We analyze your requirement, indulge in extensive market research and come up with a solution that majority of the audience will consume happily and satisfactorily.

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