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Grocery Shopping Application Development

grocery app development

The traditional way of grocery shopping is left far behind. We no longer drive to the grocery stores, fetch for the things, pick them up and find our way back to home tired. This is pretty old school. What people do these days is open the grocery shopping app, pick the products through few taps, order them and get their stuff delivered right to their doorstep in the comfort of their couch. You are free from the hassle of visiting places, carrying shopped items, draining your energy and wasting your time with grocery delivery app development. Interested in developing one of your own?

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Why Should You Develop Grocery Application?

The schedule of people are getting tight and they are becoming more time-bound. In such scenario, an app that helps them save time will prevail in the market. Grocery application development will fulfill these criteria and hence it will for sure capture the market. Besides, grocery is a basic necessity. Every family is in need of and that is why it is in the latest buzz & will maintain that position in the future as well. Grocery app developers are fairly in the know of the same and hence grab the opportunity and build your app. It is kind of need of the hour and the user does use it on regular basis. That is why you should indulge in developing a grocery application. Check out the fascinating features to include.

Features To Have In Grocery App Development

Before the users start picking the grocery items from your app, let's pick the best grocery app features first.

  • User Registration
    The user can start using the grocery app by registering himself. They have to feed the name, email id, contact details and then get started with using the app.
  • Select The Area
    The user needs to feed the area in which they intend to get the groceries delivered.
  • Multiple Store Options To Order Grocery From
    There are a plethora of stores from which groceries can be ordered.The grocery app development company integrate the feature wherein the user can choose from stores to order their groceries fromet
  • Detailed List Of Items
    The users are at the ease of browsing and choosing rage of food, other products along with a detailed description.
  • Advanced Search Options
    The user can find their needed grocery items easily with quick search, sorting, and filters.
  • Watch The Order Status
    With this feature of grocery app development, the user can check where the order has reached and how much time it will take to reach the destination.
  • Push Notifications About The Offers And Discount
    The user can get regular updates about the offers, discounts, and deals of the app. If there is something new happening, the user will be in the know of the same.
  • Re-order
    This feature will enable the user to order the similar thing from their order history. This will help them save time in searching the things and ordering them.
  • Schedule Your Delivery
    The user can pick the time zone as per their own convenience to receive the delivery.
  • Check The Order History
    The user can keep a track on what items they ordered, on which date, and how much did it cost to manage the spending.
  • Multiple Payment Modes:
    The user gets various options to make payment of the order. They can make payment through COD, mobile wallets, card payments and net banking.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    The customer can check the feedback from other people on how their shopping experience was and can also share their own.
  • Give Ratings and Reviews
    This feature will allow the users to give ratings and reviews about the order delivered and from the store it was delivered.
  • Subscribe Your Order
    The user can pick a list of items and subscribe for it. Every month those items will be delivered at your doorstep without you having to repeat the order.
  • Control Panel
    One center to manage every single thing of the app.
  • Manage Customers
    Grocery app developers must take extra care to integrate manage customer feature. How many customers visited, made a purchase and what ratings and reviews they gave, were they atisfied with the services or not can be tracked through manage customer feature.
  • Manage Payment
    The admin can manage the payment received by the customers, can manage the payments made to the delivery guys and track the medium of payment as well.
  • Allocate Managers
    Managers can be assigned to different stores through the app and the entire process can be streamlined and sorted through it.
  • Manage Notifications
    The admin can manage push notifications, SMS, Email to be sent to the customers through the App.
  • Manage Reviews
    Manage what feedback customers have given. If there are some negative ones, changes can be made accordingly for better customer experience & good business prospects.
  • Analytics
    With a grocery app development, perfect data can be analyzed which helps in taking real-time business decisions to grow & expand the business.
  • Add Products
    With the help of the mobile app, the admin can push more products for the customers with prices to buy.
  • Add Offers
    The admin has the chance to add new offers, deals, and discount for the customers.
  • Store Locator
    The store manager can make the store easily findable on the maps for enabling easy navigation.
  • Customer Care
    Customer care support is a must to add for solving the user problems with ease.
  • Web Ordering
    The users must be availed with the option to make a purchase even with the web app to easy and smooth grocery ordering.
  • Scroll Different Stores
    Users must be availed with the option to browse different stores and buy products from a specific store.
  • Add Products
    New products can be added to the store through this feature. The user can have more options to choose from different stores.
  • Receive Orders
    The store manager will receive the order of different products from the user through this feature.
  • Deliver Products
    The store manager will keep the products ready and get it delivered to the user's place.
  • Reject Order
    If the store manager feels the products are out of stock or the store is about to close or the place of delivery is not convenient, or there are already too many orders pending, he can reject the order.
  • Receive Payment
    The store can receive the payment in multiple ways for the products delivered through this feature.
  • Check Feedback
    The store manager can check the feedback given by the user and even reply to them through this feature.
  • We design the app in a way that user finds it easy yet attractive to shop.
  • Our Grocery shopping app development company develops the app for both Android and iOS platform.
  • We outburst with a quality rich app that too with competitive pricing.
  • 360 Degree Technosoft possess the ability to integrate each and every feature mentioned above along with any other requirement you present.
  • We are here to serve you, mention your grocery app development requirement and we will spontaneously get back to you.

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