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Healthcare Application Development

Healthcare App Developers

We develop specific apps as per tailored requirements. Apps from both the perspective - doctors and patients. Our healthcare app development company indulge in deep research and dig out the features that are most demanded by both the parties. The agenda of 360 Degree Technosoft is to entail the patients with improved healthcare app development technology that will enhance the patient care beyond the traditional methods. Our health app is also in the accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Stay updated with your health condition despite the concern of time & place with these health apps. Here are some of the glittering pros that will drive your organization to develop health app on the go.

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Benefits Of Healthcare App Development

If you are not convinced yet that healthcare does need apps, take a look at the benefits it offers and soon you will know.

  • Access to the medical records electronically.
  • Check the schedule of various doctors.
  • Book the appointment, change it in case of any inconvenience and also cancel them if not necessary.
  • Manage clinical trials.
  • Get easy access to the reports of the lab test.
  • Get a reminder of the booked appointments.
  • Get reminders of the medicated prescriptions.
  • Submit a request for refilling the prescriptions.
  • Stay updated with the latest events and news of the hospital through push notifications.
  • Get the exact direction of the hospital along with directions to the specific section and wards along with the floor details.
  • Calling a doctor in case of emergencies and getting prompt medical aid.
  • Check the profile of different doctors, their reviews given by patients, photos, credentials or records of patients cured.
  • Upload and download any of the reports like ultrasound scan, MRI scan, and X-rays.
  • Stay updated with any change in your physical conditions like the change in height, weight, diabetes, cholesterol, glucose, hemoglobin and other health related things.
  • Native healthcare app development
  • Custom healthcare app development
  • Android app development
  • iPhone app development
  • iPad app development
  • PHP web development
  • Wearable app development

How Can Patient Use Healthcare Mobility Solution?

However wealthy the patient is, hospital bills can make a big hole in anyone’s pocket. This is where healthcare application development can aid them. Mobile app development in healthcare will facilitate the patient with cheaper health monitoring. Also, the insurance cover comes cheap with a mobile app. The patient is also facilitated with flexible and remote healthcare along with preventive care. The patient is at ease of appointment scheduling, managing their portals, and sharing their medical records for improved treatment experience.

How Can Healthcare Providers Use Health Application Development?

Medical application development has made the jobs of healthcare providers quite smoother. From checking the symptoms to viewing the medical history or giving a glance at the medical references, the job of health aid provider is made easier. Medicare providers can have seamless data flow through mobile app development for health. They can provide passive care to the patients through real-time communication & can also handle direct patient management. Mobile apps have fueled convenience and accessibility in the service providers life.

  • Seamless Connection
    When it is about health app, the app needs to have an undisturbed connection between the patient and doctor. There cannot be any compromise with the connection. Medical is a field where urgency don’t come knocking the doors and there cannot be any excuse for poor connection when a patient needs the doctor or doctor need to update the patient with something. Our healthcare app developers don’t leave any glitch in the health app when it comes to seamless connection.
  • Confidentiality At Core Agenda
    Only the doctor should have access to the medical condition of the patient and none other. This is mandatory when you are in the heed of developing a medical app. Our medical app development company do recognize security as one of the prime of the time. Our developers integrate top-notch security and keep the client's identity and every other detail secured and confidential.
  • HIPAA Compliant
    There are various local & global rules for the health apps to comply with. We are not a company that ignores rules and regulations. We make sure our apps are HIPAA complaint following every guideline and safety rulebook.
  • Feature Filled
    Health app has so much to deliver to both the parties. If the app is such that it can’t handle the bulk of features and get crashed time and again, it won’t work in this industry. Our health app development company builds an app compatible to handle an excessive amount of features smoothly without any kind of bug or crash.
  • Image Listing Of The Property
    Images are an inseparable part of the real estate agent app. None of the users are going to be lured without having the sneak peek of the property. Apps for real estate must have the feature where there is the gallery of the property. The owner can upload the pictures of different sections from different angles to give the exact idea to the user.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Finance and budgeting are the important aspects of the property management app. You can’t buy any property when you are blank about the down payment, monthly installment, interest rate and so on. Integrating mortgage calculator in real estate application development will enable the users to manage their finance and decide whether the property is within their buying ability or beyond that.
  • 3D Property View
    With the advanced tech like AR and VR, the apps for real estate is taken to another level. The 3D property view feature of the mobile app will make the property look like the users are visiting it for real and the chances of closing the deal will be more with the integration of this feature.
  • Geo-Location Feature
    Integrating geo-location feature will make finding the properties & amenities of nearby location easy. The user will be in the know of which property is located where and whether it is comfortable for them or not. Directions will also be given when the user wishes to visit the property.

If you are a member of the health industry and want to take your services on the digital platform, you know whom to contact. We are the right source to partner up for your mobile application. Any feature, any functionality, any requirement, we have got the skilled resources to integrate the same.

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