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Instagram Clone App Development, Instagram Like App

Developing An Instagram Clone App With Custom Features

Instagram Like App Development

Instagram was a shocking success. Who knew back then Instagram is going to be this popular and the league of top social media apps. Well, it compelled Facebook to buy it. Well, it sounds tempting, isn’t it? With such a high success rate and the return hidden therein, who wouldn’t want to give it a shot? So, If you are lured with the idea of Instagram like app, let’s find out every aspect of the same.

Features of Instagram Clone App

Well, there is a huge list but don’t get scared, a professional social media app development company can help you integrate each one very easily.


Instagram Clone App

  • Home Screen

This screen shows the latest updates by the people you are following. You can check their newly posted feed, like them, and comment on the same from the home screen.

  • Activity Module

This module shows the activity done by any of your friends you are following or who newly joined or new photos uploaded.

  • My Profile

This module contains the total number of posts posted by the users, the number of followers and number of following.

  • Followers List

This list includes the people who are following you and also show you who they are following and their activities so far.

  • Following List

This list shows the people who are followed by you and show their posts and other details.

  • Edit Profile

Here the user can change things like their profile picture, username, and password.

  • Upload Images and Videos

This feature allows the user to upload any photo and video on the app and allow other users to see it.

  • Search Tab

The users are allowed to search for any individual, meme, or any channel through the search tab.

  • Latest Feed

This feed will show you all the latest and trending things across the globe whether it is politics or celebrities or your followers.

  • Photo Editing Filters

This feature will help the users to change the filters of the images. These are by default integrated into the app.

  • Group Creation

The users can create a group with this feature and chat with multiple people at one time.

  • Live Video

If the user doesn’t intend to post any video, he can go live and it will remain on the story for 24 hours and then will be deleted automatically.

  • Story

Just like the live video, the user can also put images on the story and it will disappear automatically after completion of 24 hours.

  • Facebook Login

The user can sign up through their Facebook account if they don’t register through their email accounts.

  • History

The user can always track the activities they have done with the app through the history feature.

  • Location

The user can add and share their location with others through the geolocation feature of the app.

  • Settings

The user can change the things like choosing to keep your profile private or public, whether allow the other user to see you online or not, and many such things through the settings feature.

  • HashTags

The user can add hashtags in the comment section of the post as per their choice.

  • Chatting

There has to be a feature of chatting in the app to allow the users to chat internally with each other. They can also share images and videos while chatting.

  • Notification

The user gets push notifications about the request received, likes received, the comment received, request acceptance, someone going live, and other such things.

Why Choose 360 Degree Technosoft?

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  • The first reason is that we have developed something similar. Hence, our experience can be of great use to you.

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There are varied other things I want to share and talk about Instagram clone apps but that would be of great use when you show your interest.

Technology To Be Used In Instagram Clone App

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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