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Netflix Clone App Development

Netflix Clone App Development

Netflix, an app which is not just in the people’s digital device but in the people’s heart and mind. Well, these are not mere words, I really mean it. Aren’t you waiting for the second season of Sacred Games? Hell, yes!!! So, that’s the thing about Netflix. What’s your plan for Saturday night? It’s “Netflix and chill”. Haven’t you heard it time and again? The content lures the audience and the zeal to use it compels the users to pay for it.

A pretty compelling app idea, what say? I know the idea might have lured you to come up with something similar. Well, the current generation is hooked with using video-streaming apps and now is the perfect time to bring something similar in the market.

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Netflix: Video Streaming App Development

  • User registration
  • Download videos
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Watch videos
  • Push notifications
  • Message pop-ups
  • Subscription models
  • Dashboard
  • Payment integration
  • Wishlist
  • Banner videos
  • Track history
  • Multilingual support
  • Search and explore
  • User profile
  • Genre-wise content
  • Review, rating, and comment
  • Multiple device support
  • Screen cast

Let me portray some of the statistics about Netflix which will help you in developing trust that it is the right choice of category.

  • The number of subscribers Netflix have is 137 million.
  • The approximate number of people that Netflix reaches is 300 million.
  • The international subscribers of Netflix are roughly 68.29 million.
  • 54.6% of the Netflix users are from outside of the US.
  • The Netflix subscribers which are from the US is 56.71 million.
  • The revenue of 2017 of Netflix was around $11 billion.
  • 23% of the US adults use Netflix on daily basis.
  • The worldwide revenue of 2018 has amounted 27.4 billion USD.

There are varied other things I want to share and talk about Instagram clone apps but that would be of great use when you show your interest.

How Does A Netflix Like App Generate Revenue?

The only thing that has made this app so much popular is the content it has. The fresh content keeps on adding at timely intervals. The app always has something jaw-dropping to offer to their users. The content is interesting, fresh, variegated, and worth watching and most importantly worth paying. The app offers certain plans to the users to pick as per their convenience. You can check and follow it for your Netflix clone app.

Services Available Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Applies monthly Yes Yes Yes
Charges per month 500 650 800
Available in HD No Yes Yes
Available in ultra HD No No Yes
Number of connected device 1 2 4
Unlimited TV shows and Movies Yes Yes Yes
Anytime cancellation Yes Yes Yes
Supports mobile device, Laptop, and Tablet Yes Yes Yes
Free one month trial Yes Yes Yes

How Much Time Will It Take To Develop A Netflix Like App?

Netflix is a very popular and big app. You will have your own set of customization in the features and functionality and hence the timeline will differ based on your needs. Let’s provide you a ballpark estimation for rough understanding.

Project management 30 Days
Android development 40 days
iPhone development 40 days
Web development 40 days
API development 30 days
Admin 55 days
Designing 15 days
Testing 10 days

The overall deployment time would be somewhere between 2 to 3 months. Again, let me make it clear this is not the exact time, it will vary based on your needs.

Something Similar We Have Developed

We have integrated a similar feature in one of our apps, KonceptCA. Check the app and you will get a fair idea about the same. We have integrated the video-streaming feature which gives the experience and expertise to develop a Netflix like app.

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  • Education and ELearning App
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Mobile UI

KonceptCA is an educational app for students preparing for CPT. The app empowers students to learn with online quizzes, tutorials,...


Technology To Be Used In Netflix Clone App

In-app Purchase
Push Notifications
Cocoa Touch
3D Touch
Realm Mobile Database
Core Data
Elastic Transcoder

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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