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On-Demand Delivery Boy App Development

On Demand Delivery Boy App

From restaurant apps to e-commerce apps, every app has delivery feature. Is delivery possible without the delivery boy? No, right. The craze of comfort and convenience is at the peak of customer's wants. Business has to adapt to this demand and have to either develop a delivery boy app or have to integrate this feature into the already developed app. If you feel this is right, here are some of the features you can put aside in a delivery boy app development.

Features To Have In Delivery Boy App Development

Whether it is food or it is grocery or it is laundry, a delivery boy is a must for every app. Here’s the feature listing of what every such app needs.


User Panel of Delivery Boy App

  • Register

The delivery boy has to register with the app by filling in the few details like name, email Id and phone number.

  • Login

Once the delivery boy registers himself, he can log in the app anytime he wants and also stays logged in as well.

  • Create Profile

The driver can create his profile by feeding his personal details, his experience, adding his image, and such other things.

  • Check Orders

The delivery boy can check the number of orders. Which are the closer ones, how many orders are delivered and how many of them are actually pending?

  • Accept Or Reject The Orders

The delivery boy can accept the delivery order or he can also reject the same if the location is not appropriate or he is done with the day or in case of any emergency.

  • Check Delivery History

The delivery boy can check his own history, how many orders he has delivered in a day or track it for a week or even for the month or even the total numbers of orders till date.

  • One-Click Call To Customers

The driver must be given the details of the contact number of the customer. Just one click and the driver can make the call and ask about the location or any other detail.

  • Geolocation

This is one of the must-have features in the delivery boy application development. The driver can get the location of the customer through GPS and reach there without faffing around.

  • E-Sign Page

Once the order is delivered, the customer has to put his signature on the confirmation on the e-sign page.

  • Multiple Modes For Receiving Payment

The delivery boy can receive the payment of the order through various modes like cash, debit or credit card or even through the wallet.

  • Multiple Language Support

The delivery boy app must support various languages to ease the customer in placing the order in their local language.

  • Push Notification

Push notification should hit the customers device when the order is placed or is out for delivery, or about the expected date of delivery or when the order is finally delivered.


Why Hire Our Delivery Boy App Development Company?

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