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On-Demand Doctor Application Development

We give you convenience right at your fingertips just a few taps away. It's quite annoying to wait at the hospital for hours that too when your health condition is not proper. On-demand doctor app development will make your doctor consultancy experience flexible, convenient and time-saving. With our on-demand app development company, the patient is at ease to book their appointment.

They just need to sign up, choose the doctor if they have any particular in mind or search for the doctor nearby, pick the timing and book the appointment. That easy it is. This app sector is on the rise and if you want to join the league to be competitive, here are some of the enticing features to have in your app.

Why Should You Develop On-Demand Doctor Application?

There are four major agenda of developing the on-demand mobile application.
Let’s explore all four of them:

1) EHR

The Electronic Health Record is what EHR stands for. With EHR, the gap between the hospitals & reports can be easily bridged. The patient doesn’t have to run here and there for collecting the report at first and then showing it to the doctor. For patient and doctor's convenience, on-demand doctors app has to be developed.

2) Virtual Visit

Distance can be covered with a mobile app. Now, any patient can consult any of the doctor who is located at the distant destination without having to travel that long. This can be made achievable with virtual visit feature-rich app.

3) Mobile Health

Any industry relating to health, fitness, medicines, or pharmaceutical, a doctor app is of great use. For both the group, patient, and doctor, the app brings a global level improvement.

4) Messaging Aids

Patient-doctor communication is highly essential for immediate and proper cure. Messaging can be integrated into the app which will enable both the parties to share medical reports, x-rays, and such other stuff.

Such apps can also be used for internal communication among doctors.

Features To Have In On-Demand Doctor App Development

Patient-Side Features of App

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    Sign In or Sign Up

    This is the basic feature any doctor application development should have. The regular users can sign in directly and the newer users can register through the signup feature.

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    Create a User Profile

    The patient can create their own profile. This might contain their current medical condition, diseases of the past, doctors consulted in the past & current with whom they are in the consultation at present. These details are apart from the basic details like age, blood group and such other.

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    Search Nearby Doctor

    This feature will help the patient to search the doctors they can consult. They can search either through popularity, ratings or even by the location. The patient is at the convenience to pick the doctor of their choice.

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    Book Appointment with the Doctor

    The patient can book the appointment with the desired doctor through the doctor app development. They can choose the doctor, pick the time slot and schedule the appointment through the app itself.

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    E-Medical Reports

    Medical reports of the patients can be delivered to them through the app itself. The same report is to be forwarded to the doctor and respective treatment can be started accordingly through e-medical reports.

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    The need of rushing to the hospital for making payment is no more existent. With e-billing feature; the patient can pay the bill online through multiple modes.

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    Location Tracking of Doctor

    When the patient has called the doctor through the on-demand doctor app, with location tracking feature the patient can track where the doctor is and how long will she/he take to reach the patient's destination.

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    In-app Chatting and Calling

    The patient can consult the doctor through in-app chatting or call feature of the app. The patient can ask regarding the diet, medicine timings, progress on the health condition or any other thing they want to discuss.

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    Live Video

    If the medical issue is common like a cough, cold, and fever, there is no point in consulting doctor in person. The patient can save the time & effort by live video feature of the app yet get cured adequately with this feature of the doctor app.

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    Check Doctors Ratings and Reviews

    You cannot consult any random doctor. You never know instead of getting cured, you might get into something even more vulnerable by consulting a bad doctor. That is why the feature of rating and review is inserted to check the reliability of the doctor. The patient can check the rating and reviews and can also give their own to help the patient like them before the consultation.

Doctor-Side Features of App

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    Creating Doctor's Profile

    The doctor can create his profile through this feature. He can add his picture, his achievements, his qualification, number of years of experience, speciality, any certificates and create his profile. They can also mention the name of the hospital they are currently working in.

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    Booking and Checking Appointments

    The doctor can manage the appointments. They can book the appointment and schedule the timing of the appointment as per their bookings. With this feature, they can also keep a track on the number of appointments in a day, number of patients to handle and their timings accordingly.

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    Deny the Appointment Request

    The doctor has the option to deny the appointment request if they are pre-booked.

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    Writing Online Prescription

    With this feature, the doctor can consult the patient online and can also the prescription describing the medicines online eradicating the need to visit the patient in person.

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    Live Video Call with the Patient

    The patient is not always in need to physically visit the doctor. With live video call feature, the doctor can consult the patient through this medium. The doctor can see the condition & suggest the further treatment accordingly.

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    Make Changes in the Appointment Schedule

    Doctors can come up with an emergency at any time. In case of any such situation, this feature can help them make any changes to the appointment schedule. Doctors can also cancel the appointment & schedule it for the next day if necessary.

Why Our On-Demand Doctor App Development Company?

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    Our company can integrate the feature of the virtual visit of the patient and doctor.
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    360 Degree Technosoft can help the patients to access health records electronically and doctors to maintain medical records electronically as well.
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    On-demand doctor app development services, our company provides helps to the patients to get telemedicine. This means, doctors can give treatment & consultancy without actually having to visit the patient and thus save their time and effort.
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    Our company also make sure that the patient gets the perfect match of the doctor with the reliable suggestion.
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    Research Hive, Mobile Plus, Pathoflow and 6abibi are some of the medical apps which we have worked on. This experience makes us competent to execute your idea into a potent app.

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