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On-Demand Food Delivery Application Development

Want to taste something different & delicious? Just get tasty food!!! Yes, food is our bae. But, not every time the foodies want to walk to the restaurant, sometimes they want it from the comfort of their couch. When you make that happen, users are all yours.

You can make this possible by hiring an on-demand food delivery app development company and serving the delicious food at your user’s doorstep. Browse these features that you need to have in your app to lure your users.

Features To Have In An On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Customer App Features

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    Quick Onboarding

    Get started on the go with social login option or through email registration.

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    Search Nearby Restaurants

    Look for the restaurants based on the type of cuisines, locations, timings and any such particular thing.

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    Browse The Menu

    Check the menu of each of the restaurants, their specialty, prices and see whether you feel like ordering or not.

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    Select Your Order

    After selecting the restaurant, the customer can select the order and place it.

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    Check The Cart

    The selected order must be added to cart and then the order can be placed.

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    Push Notifications

    Get the information of new restaurants, the addition of new feature or offer dropped right in your inbox through the feature of push notification.

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    Secured Payment Mode

    The customer should be availed with multiple payment options whether it be cash, debit card, credit card, wallet and all those ways must be secure.

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    Track Your Order Status

    After the order is placed, the customer can track where the order has reached and by what time it will be delivered to your location through this feature.

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    Track Your Delivery Boy

    Where the delivery boy has reached & how much time will he take to cover the distance can be tracked through on-demand food delivery app.

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    Rate And Review

    If the customer is happy with the service of the food delivery app, he can rate and give a positive review and in case of bad service to the contrary.

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    Offers And Promos

    Several promos & offers are availed to the customers to get benefited from.

Restaurant App Features

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    Profile Creation

    For accumulating first-hand data of the users, create a strong profile to build a strong relationship with the user through social media.

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    Order Alerts

    Order alert must be integrated when the user places the order to make the restaurant staff get going and be ready with the order as soon as possible.

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    Customize Your Menu

    The restaurant owner can make any changes in the Menu as per his choice through customizing your Menu Feature in the food app.

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    Order Management

    Through this feature, the restaurant can keep a track on the number of orders received, number of orders delivered, and number of orders on the way.

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    Payment Management

    Which payment is received through which medium, cash or card and whether the payment is made to the delivery boy are managed through this feature of the food delivery app.

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    Customer Details

    The restaurant panel needs to have contact details of the customer to confirm the order to get the location.

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    Track Order History

    The restaurant panel can track how many orders have they finished, how many are yet to finish and so on.

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    Answer Feedback

    The restaurant owner is enabled to answer the reviews & feedback from the customers to build

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    Manage Special Offers

    The restaurant owner can provide new offers, seasonal discount and rewards to its supreme customers through the on-demand food delivery mobile app.

Driver App Features

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    Create Profile

    The driver should create his profile providing details like name, contact details, documents and payment details.

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    Receive Order

    The driver should get the order, contact details of the customer, location of the order delivery through the app.

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    Receive Delivery Location

    The driver should receive the delivery location of the customer through GPS or Google Maps to reach there in time & deliver the food on the earliest minute possible.

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    View Order History

    This feature will enable the driver to view the number & type of orders he has accomplished in a particular day or week or month.

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    Receive Multiple Deliveries

    The driver can also get multiple orders at a single instance to save time & efforts in delivering an order in the nearby location.

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    The driver should be notified of the change in any policy or change in delivery location or addition of new delivery through the app.

Admin Panel Features

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    Database Management

    Manage the data of the restaurants, registered customers, number of delivery boys & every single detail through the mobile application.

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    Customer Management

    Admin can check the customer details, their number of orders, date & time of the order as well as amount of the orders.

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    Restaurant Management

    Admin can add new restaurants or remove the old ones, maintain a flexible supply guide through one platform.

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    Offer Management

    Create as well as deploy new deals, discounts, offers, and also permit the deals from the restaurant side

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    Feedback Management

    Admin can view & manage the feedback received from the customers, answers given by the restaurant and delivery boys.

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    Revenue Management

    Managing the payment received from the customers, given to the restaurants, payment made to the delivery boys & commission set for them.

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    Notifications To Registered Users

    Manage the Emails, SMS, App Notification for the customers, delivery boys as well as the restaurants.

Why Our On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Company?

The answer is very simple, we have excelled in this domain. There are some of the top food delivery apps in the app store developed by 360 Degree Technosoft namely:

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Each and every feature described above have been integrated into the apps developed by our company. If you have something extra to be added, we possess the ability to integrate that as well. We possess both experience and expertise when it is about food delivery app development.We have provided services to almost 30 countries & have a positive track of satisfied clients all across the globe.

So, yes you can bestow your trust into our food delivery app development company and we will entail you with the fruitful result.

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