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On-Demand Service Application Development

on demand app development

"Now" is placed at the highest priority for the users and businesses do recognize this need of the moment. This brings the concept of on-demand app development in popularity. ‘You need it, you get it, just click it’, this is how this app works. Users are getting more acquainted with such apps as they get services at the tick of the clock with the on-demand service mobile application. If you want to seize the opportunity, then here are some of the prevalent industries to step in.

Industries That Offers On-Demand Services
  • Grocery Services

  • Food Ordering Services

  • Packers And Movers Services

  • Laundry Services

  • Beauty And Salon

  • Carpentry Services

  • Plumbing Services

  • Cleaning Services

  • Electrical Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Pest control Services

  • Doctor Services

  • Automotive Services

  • Wedding And Event Planning Services

  • Fitness Services

  • Parking Services

  • Taxi Booking Services

  • Pet Care Services

  • Repair And Maintenance Services

  • Courier And Packaging Services

  • Alcohol Delivery Services

  • Coaching Tutor Services

  • Cake Delivery Services

  • Flower And Gift Delivery Services

  • Gardening Services

Features To Have In On-Demand Mobile App Development

We have already covered the list of on-demand services, now lets step in the section of common things to be included all of these.


Customer App Features

  • Onboarding

The new user can register with the on-demand service app with just a few of the details like name and email ID.

  • Choosing The Service

The app will be consisting of a list of services, the user can choose the one he is in need of.

  • Scheduling The Service

Through the on-demand service app, the user can schedule the date & time of their chosen service.

  • Order/Service Tracker

While the user is waiting after the service is booked or order is placed, the user can track the status of the order and service through the app.

  • Quick Booking

The service can be booked and received on the go through the app.

  • Offers And Promos

The user can take benefit of the offers & promos given in the app and save some of their bucks.

  • Push Notifications

Notifications are executed if a new service is added to the app or any new feature is added to the app or some offers or deals are added. The user will be in the know of the same through push notifications.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

The users get several options when it comes to payment. They can either pay the cash or they can pay through the wallet or debit / credit card as well.

  • Social Media Integration

This helps the user to log in to their social media and share activities therein.

  • Geolocation

This feature helps share the location details as well as directions to the location with navigation and Google maps.

  • Feedback

The user can share their feedback about the experience of the service booked through the app.

  • Ratings And Reviews

The user can check the ratings & reviews given by other users to know the quality and the result of the services they are about to book.


Service Provider App Features

  • Sign Up

The service provider also needs to register themselves with the on-demand service application. They can register with the basic details like name and email ID.

  • Multiple Modes Of Payment Reception

The service provider can receive the payment in various modes as per the user's convenience through the app.

  • Managing Request

The service provider can manage the requests from the customer. He can accept or reject the request from the customer.

  • Managing Reviews

The service provider can manage the reviews added by different users about their services through the on-demand service app.

  • Track Delivery Boy

The service provider can track the status of the delivery boy and know where he has reached and when he will be back.

  • Instant Invoice

The instant invoice will be generated through the app after the service is provided and the payment will also be spontaneously made.

Admin Panel Features
  • Dashboard

The dashboard will allow the admin to access all the features of the app.

  • Secure Authentication

This feature will verify the user with their devices & allows the user to log in securely from any location at any point of time.

  • Manage Invoice

The admin can manage the payment received from the user, payment made to the service provider and also to the delivery guys through the on-demand service application.

  • Subscription Management

The admin can manage the number of subscribers and the amount of subscription paid by the users.

  • Commission Management

The admin can manage the commission to be paid and received through the app. They can also make changes in the percentage of commission.

  • Customer Management

The admin can manage the customers, keep a record of their history, know the number of customers, solve their issues, avail them different offers through the app.

  • Service Request Management

The admin can accept or reject the addition of new services, remove the old ones if they deem fit through the on-demand service app.

  • Managing Feedback

The admin can answer the feedback given by the users and also solve their problems if any through the app.

  • Promo Code

The admin can give different promo code for the new users or the existing ones to earn some discount or get some cash back.


Why Hire Our On-Demand App Development Company?

  • We render customizable on-demand app development solution that fits your business model.

  • We build strong back-end infrastructure and beautiful front-end one.

  • Whether it is a subscription model or a commission one, our company builds an app that makes managing both of them easy.

  • We ensure top-notch data security.

  • We deliver the qualitative, feature-rich and bug-free app.

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