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Parking App Development

Parking is painful, accept it!!! When you are residing in a big city, the streets are full of traffic and parking is full of vehicles, finding an empty spot on the spot is a game of luck. Its kind of frustrating, you are visiting your favorite restaurant and you are in good mood to dine but while you reach your table, your entire mood is spoiled as you have to waste an ample amount of time to find a spot to park your vehicle. The solution to this stressful parking is parking app development. If you have already spotted this issue and intend to bring a solution, parking app is the one. Explore the must-have features for the best solution for users.

Features To Have In Parking App Development

User Panel

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    If the user is new, he has to register with the app with the minimum details like name and email ID.

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    Vehicle Location Tracking System

    With the integration of GPS, the user can find the location of their vehicle and can calculate the distance between their location and the available parking.

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    Pickup Location Search

    With the parking app solution, the user can get an idea of the pick-up location of their parked vehicle.

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    Feed Estimated Arrival And Departure Time

    To get the estimation of the parking charges, the time of arrival and departure should be feed and the app will calculate and suggest cost estimation.

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    Schedule Parking Booking

    If the user is sure of visiting the place, they can also secure his parking by scheduling it in advance through the app.

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    Payment Integration

    The user can pay the parking charges through the parking application development in their convenient mode. They can pay through the wallet or through debit or credit card.

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    Check Parking History

    The user can keep a track of which were the recent places they parked their car on which dates and how much charges have they paid.

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    Ratings And Reviews

    The user can rate the app and also share reviews about the service and whether the app was useful to them or not.

Admin Panel

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    User Management

    The admin can manage the users through the app, keep a track on the number of users, their transactions, history, payment received and such other stuff through the app.

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    Driver Management

    The admin can add new drivers or remove the old ones, create their profiles, manage their payment through driver management feature of the parking app development.

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    Manage Payment

    The admin can manage the receipt and payment through the app. He can pay to the drivers through the app and receive payment from the customers through the app.

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    Add Or Remove A Driver

    The admin can check the profile and experience of the driver and if it is fine, he can add a new driver to the app. The admin can also remove the driver based on the number of parking request scheduled.

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    Manage Booking

    All the parking spots, their cost, and bookings can be managed by the admin through the parking application.

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    Manage Offers

    Discounts, offers, and loyalty programs can be added to the app and managed by the admin with the app.

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    Add New Locations

    Based on the user’s need and request, the admin can add new locations for the parking through the parking app.

Driver Panel

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    The driver can also login to the app with either their email account or with their social network and get started with using it.

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    Add ID Proof

    The driver has to present their basic information tagged with the scanned copy of their ID proof for transparency and authenticity.

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    Contact Customers

    The driver can communicate with the customer and check the location of the vehicle and pick and drop the vehicle for better convenience.

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    Get Payment From Customers

    The driver can receive the payment from the customers through the payment integration feature of the parking application.

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    Check Reviews And Ratings

    The drivers can check the ratings and reviews given by the user according to the service delivered by him.

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    Accept Or Decline Parking Request

    If there are already plenty of parking request pending, the driver can decline the request if the scenario is such.

Advanced Features

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    With the help of this feature, the user can know about the nearby spots for parking and also suggest the most viable route to be taken. Google maps and MapKit can be used for Android and iOS apps for the navigation.

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    Push Notifications

    This feature is a must-have one when it comes to app developer for user engagement. Every detail about the new feature, discount, promo code, and app updates should be executed to every user through the app.

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    Map Searching

    With map searching option, the user can find the exact parking spot and can find the best way to reach the same.

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    Rate Card

    This feature will allow the user to know the rate of weekly and monthly charges. This is the way the user can find the best packages and book the parking in the cheapest and most convenient way.

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    In-App Communication

    All the parties in the app can chat with each other whether it is the driver, customers, admin and know about the latest offers, deals, new additions and stay connected that way.

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    Multilingual Support

    This feature will invite and attract more users. If the user can use the app in their own language, they will feel a different kind of connection with the app and keep the user engaged.

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    Heat Map View

    This feature will show the busiest time in the certain location. This feature also assists in checking the most popular locations and also the availability of parking spots therein.

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    Multiple Cities And Places

    This feature will allow the users to find parking spots and availability in those spots in various cities and particular area of those cities.

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