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Parking Reservation App: SpotHero Clone Development

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Ever happened, you have your car yet you prefer to book a cab just because it is too much hassle to find a parking place? If yes, you are not the only one tired of spending more time finding a space to park then to travel to the location. Also, you traveled all the way to reach somewhere on time to find there is a huge board of “No Parking”. Then you have to look for another spot and you are late for your event.

Parking reservation apps like SpotHero is a solution for all such issues. The app provides the details on the available spots to park around you and also allows you to book it in advance for the number of hours you are willing to. It is a hassle-free solution for users. With the increasing use of vehicles and hyped issues to park, the parking app development sector is about to experience a huge rise.

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What is SpotHero Parking Reservation App?

It is a parking solution provider making the process easier and faster for millions of people through it's Android and iOS apps. The app partners up with vacant lots, garage owners, and valets to provide the users with parking space. Instead of roaming in the populated areas looking for a vacant space, the app allows us to look and book it for the required time.

If you are willing to share a solution for such issues and intend to develop a parking reservation app. Here are some of the astonishing statistics you should know about.

Statistical Facts of SpotHero Application

  • The app has more than 1,000,000 installs.

  • This application is available in almost 300 cities in the US and Canada and looking to expand.

  • The estimated annual revenue generated by the SpotHero parking application is $8.9 Million.

  • The total funding received by the Spothero application is $117.6 Million.

  • By the year 2023, the market for global market management will grow at a CAGR of 12% amounting to $7 Billion by the year 2023.

  • The monthly downloads of this app are around 305,075.

  • The number of listed garages, lots, and valets amounts to 6500.

Features To Have In SpotHero Clone App

  • Register
    This is one of the most basic features an app should have. With this feature, the user can login through their social media account or their email ID.
  • Location-Tracking
    It is one of the most basic features of a parking app. With GPS, the user can navigate to the nearest place to park their vehicle. The entire app is based on the location tracking feature to locate and book the parking spot. Also, the user can share the location with others through social media or messages.
  • Search
    This feature allows the user to search for the available spaces to park your vehicle. A location-based search option is available for better results. The user can enter the city, select the area in the city or specific parking facility, select the timing, and book te spot.
  • Feed Timing
    This functionality will allow the user to choose the time of arrival and departure of the parking spot. With this, the user can know whether their required parking is available at that particular time or not.
  • Book the Spot
    With the booking feature, the user can pre-book the place and eliminate the chances of “no parking” when you actually need it. Well, it is not mandatory to choose, the user can just check the available vacancies of the area.
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    It is always advisable to avail users with payment options. The users can choose the option that they have been using and feel safe and comfortable with. Most of the mobile applications have it and yours should have it too. It increases user engagement and reduces the bounce rate.
  • Parking History
    This feature will help the users to track where they parked, when and for how much time. It is of great use when the user wants to book the same slot to park again.
  • Review and Ratings
    The user can rate the parking space and services there and also share reviews whether it was good or bad.
  • Manage Users and Drivers
    The admin can manage the registered users and drivers with the app. They can monitor their profiles and check their history with this feature.
  • Accept or Reject Request
    This feature of the SpotHero clone application allows the admin to accept or reject the request of the users for a parking spot.
  • Book the Spot
    This allows the admin to book the parking spot to any user and at the desired cost for the same.
  • Manage Payments
    The admin can manage the payment received from the users. They can also track and manage the payment made to garage owners or any other facility rented for the parking.
  • Coupon Codes and Discounts
    The admin can decide, manage, and make changes in the discounts and coupon codes provided in the SpotHero clone application.
  • Register
    Every driver looking for a parking spot has to register with the app either through social media account or with their email ID.
  • Personal Information
    The driver has to share their basic information like name, address, gender, and vehicle number. They also have to share their license details for security purposes and authenticity.
  • Contact Users
    The driver can get in touch with the users through this feature and confirm their desired location for parking the vehicle at their desired time.
  • Accept or Reject Request
    The drivers can also accept or reject the parking request of the users based on the availability of the parking spot and the driver himself.
  • Payment
    This feature allows the driver to collect the payments from the users for their provided service. The same information is also passed to the admin for the track.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    The driver can check the reviews and ratings provided by their users allowing them a chance to know about their delivered service or scope of improvement.
  • Push Notifications
    This is one of the must-have features to keep your users updated about any updates or additions in your app. Timely notifications and reminders will increase the retention rate and client satisfaction.
  • Cost Comparison
    This feature will allow the user to check the rates of multiple parking availabilities and see which one fits in their budget and book the best one.
  • Waiting List
    Certain parking spots in the prime location with supreme services will be users favorite and high in demand. Now, what users need is to see whether it is available or not and if not how much time will it need to find the spot vacant. Waiting list the feature for that.
  • Traffic Updates
    The SpotHero clone app development needs to have a heatmap providing the user's information about the busiest route and amount of traffic in a definite time zone and also suggestions about the alternate route to reach the destination easiest and fastest.
  • Multiple Cities
    The user can look for available places to park in multiple cities with this feature. With this feature of on-demand parking app development, the user can secure a spot even in another city they are planning to travel to.
  • How to Generate Revenue From A Parking Finder App Like SpotHero?

    The ultimate agenda behind developing an app is nothing but to make money. Well, SpotHero has managed to do it quite well. Now, if you are planning to develop a parking finder app like SpotHero, you must have knowledge about the revenue generation tactics.

    • Subscription

      This model is very much popular in mobile apps like Netflix. You can have a monthly, half-yearly or yearly subscription plans for the users for providing the service and generate revenue through it.

    • Reward Points

      One of the tactics of making money from your SpotHero like app is to offer reward points to the users. This will create trust among users and keep regular users hooked with your app.

    • Commission

      There is a predecided rate of commission for each transaction. The app itself follows this model and you can follow the same roadmap for generating revenue.

    • Referral Rewards

      Providing referral money is one of the best ways of marketing. The existing users will keep using the app for gaining money, in turn, forwarding new users towards your app.

    Parking App Partners

    Running an app like SpotHero is not a one-person job. You will need to partner up with different parties to start, manage, and keep running the app. Here are the partnering parties you will need for the app.

    The App owners have to convince people having abundant empty places to rent the place. They also have to assure them about the proper usage and maintenance of their place.

    Different cities have laws for parking. The parking facilities and methods have to be in accordance with the law of every individual city.

    The app owner has to partner up with the parking providers. Different providers have a different sets of rules. Complying with them without any clash is something the app owner has to work on.

    Time Needed To Develop Parking Apps Like SpotHero

    Project management 20 Days
    Android development 60 Days
    iPhone development 60 Days
    API development 40 Days
    Admin 30 Days
    Designing 20 Days
    Testing 20 Days

    Technology To Be Used In Spothero Clone App Development

    In-app Purchase
    Push Notifications
    Cocoa Touch
    3D Touch
    Google Health
    Core Data

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