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Quiz Application Development

Quiz App Development

Solving the mental puzzles can be one of the best ways to tickle your brain cells and keep them active. This can be a great way to kill idle time while waiting for the cab or traveling or during your office break. If you dislike maths, chemistry, or general knowledge, then quiz apps can be a fun loving way to educate yourself in an interesting way. Quiz app development can help the people in mastering their subjects along with enjoying.

Features To Have In Quiz App Development

Let's unveil the mystery wheel of what can make your quiz app even more interesting and successful.


Features To Have In Quiz App Development

  • Quick And Simple

The quiz is meant to be fun. The registration of the quiz application should be quick and the user experience should be simple.

  • Select Favorite Topic

The user of the quiz app should be able to select his favorite topic. It can be literature, general knowledge, politics, music, English or any other topic that user feel like.

  • Timed Questions

There should be a specific time limit set for answering any question. The user should be allowed to change the timing as per his choice.

  • Check Quiz History

The user should be allowed to check how many quizzes he has played and what are their results.

  • Customize The Quiz

The admin of the quiz application can customize the questions of the quiz to keep the player interested.

  • Display Correct Answer After The Quiz

After the time of the answer ends, the correct answer to the question asked should be displayed to let the user know whether he answered correctly or not.

  • View Report Page

After the quiz ends, a report page should be displayed showing a number of questions answered correctly and vice versa.

  • Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer game feature will allow more than one player to play the quiz at a similar point of time.

  • Challenge Friends For Competition

Challenge feature in the app will make the quiz even more interesting and be interacting with the users.

  • Different Levels of Quiz

The user should be availed with levels of the quiz. It should start with easy, medium & hard. You can also keep stages for quiz increasing the difficulty level.

  • Multi-media Based Quiz

The quiz can either be in text or it can be in the image or video format as well for making it fun & user interactive.

  • League

In case of the league, the player can pick a specific date and time. He can play quiz at his convenient time and the winner gets points.


Technology Used In Quiz Application Development

  • Invision and Balsamiq are the wireframing tools for quiz apps.

  • Photoshop and illustrator are the designing tools we use for quiz apps.

  • For backend development: We use PHP, MySQL, and Netbeans.

  • For Android and iPhone development, we use Android Studio and Xcode.

Why Our Quiz App Development Company?

Well, the experience of having worked with similar projects like Konceptca, Trivia buddy flags, Trivia buddy brand & punchline makes us worthy to handle your project with confidence and provide you the solution you seek. We think quiz from both the perspective, fun, and learning. Our quiz app development company assist the educational bodies in surging the skills & learning abilities of their participants. Our quiz app development helps kids to gain general knowledge and develop a good personality.


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