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Real Estate Application Development

Real Estate Mobile App

It is a pretty old school when people like you and me used to sort out the list of best brokers in the town, visit their office turn by turn and then their suggested properties turn by turn. Now, people get their property with swipes and clicks sitting right in their office chair or bedroom. Our real estate app development company take the property market from paper to digital and make it reach both the parties sellers and buyers with an improved property buying experience.

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Benefits Of Real Estate App Development

Real estate is on the boom and giving it a digital touch would be a great addition for both the realtors and the customers.

  • Mobile app for realtors can build a strong digital presence.
  • An app can serve the business with more qualified leads.
  • When your real estate business have the app and others don’t it can give you a competitive advantage. If the case is vice versa, chances of getting washed out by your competitors are pretty high.
  • Signing the agreements, preparing the documents, the blueprint of the document can all be done digitally chucking off the use of paper.
  • Real estate iOS or Android app development will put up an entirely new source to generate revenue. You have your traditional clients and you can fetch the new ones with the app.
  • Clients will be more satisfied when they get a virtual tour of the property through a real estate app.
  • Revenue can surge and on a contrary cost can really be curtailed through real estate app.

How Does A Real Estate App Works?

The functioning of the real estate app is simple. The agenda of any Android or iPhone app development company is to keep the UI and UX simple, easy and uncluttered. The owners of the property can list the property with the app. They have to submit description and details with the exact location of their property along with images. Owners also need to mention the price on which they are willing to sell their property. On the other side, the users can browse different properties & contact the owners of the property they feel like.

  • Listing Of The Different Properties
    Homeowners on the agenda to sell or rent out their properties will list their property with the app. This will create a direct channel for the buyer and seller eliminating the need for commission eating agent. So, yes property listing feature will assist in bringing both the parties together & saving cost for both of them.
  • In-Depth Details Of The Property
    This feature of the real estate app will make the users acquainted with the cost estimation, images of the property, flooring, roofing, paint, the area of the property, and such other things needed by the user for making a buying decision. Browsing will be placed before buying.
  • Lead Tracker
    The owner who has listed the property must know who visited their property and get to know about the interested parties to take communication further & close the deal.
  • Customized Search
    It's nice to offer a wide range of property options but to ensure that the users don’t get lost in the pool of information is something real estate app developer should pay attention to. A customized search option to search the property according to budget, location,type, size should be inserted into the app.
  • Image Listing Of The Property
    Images are an inseparable part of the real estate agent app. None of the users are going to be lured without having the sneak peek of the property. Apps for real estate must have the feature where there is the gallery of the property. The owner can upload the pictures of different sections from different angles to give the exact idea to the user.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Finance and budgeting are the important aspects of the property management app. You can’t buy any property when you are blank about the down payment, monthly installment, interest rate and so on. Integrating mortgage calculator in real estate application development will enable the users to manage their finance and decide whether the property is within their buying ability or beyond that.
  • 3D Property View
    With the advanced tech like AR and VR, the apps for real estate is taken to another level. The 3D property view feature of the mobile app will make the property look like the users are visiting it for real and the chances of closing the deal will be more with the integration of this feature.
  • Geo-Location Feature
    Integrating geo-location feature will make finding the properties & amenities of nearby location easy. The user will be in the know of which property is located where and whether it is comfortable for them or not. Directions will also be given when the user wishes to visit the property.
  • Amenities
    This feature will let the users know about amenities attached to the property like parking, garden, gym, club, or any such thing. This will also give information on whether the amenities are free or chargeable.
  • Nearby Facilities
    This feature will let the users know about the nearby facilities available. Whether there are good schools near the property, hospitals, public transport, local vendors, and such other things.
  • Buy or Rent Property
    The user can have a different need for the property. They might be looking to buy or rent or looking to stay as paying guest. This feature will allow searching the property as per user’s need.
  • Our company entails you with three hiring models: Fixed price model, hourly price model and hire dedicated resources. Choose as per your budgetary convenience.
  • Domain exposure of our company is extensive.
  • Your confidentiality and security is our responsibility.
  • Consistent support right from the inception stage to completion stage and then to maintenance stage.
  • Our project management tools and reporting channel is effective & handy
  • Our real estate app developers incorporate scrum agile methodology for development.
  • Customer favorable development approach.

Who Should Hire Our Real Estate App Development Company?

  • Project Planning Organizations

  • Catering Business Owners

  • Construction Plat Planners

  • Space Management

  • Exhibition Organizations and Property Show

  • Meeting Room and Banquet

  • Corporate Planning

  • Property Planning Advise

Why Should You Hire Our Real Estate App Development Company?

Our company has already worked for the big brands and carry out app development satisfactorily. So, you can consider our mobile app development company now!! We are known for our experience of diversified industry and gained complex skills to manage any assignements. Our app development company doesn’t only carry a brand-oriented perspective but also we are open to giving a kick-start the startups of any business niche. Also, our application development company is equipped with the talent to incorporate all the above-mentioned features and if you have anything extra, anything new, we are on our toes to hear that out and work it out for you.

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