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Salon Application Development

Salon App Development

A salon is a type of business whose 80% of income will be generated by the 20% of the customers. It majorly works with the repeat business. Back in the date, the salon was considered as a luxury and visited only occasionally but now it is kind of a need and visited more often. Great for the salon business but back in the date there were only a few in the city. Now, the competition is at its peak, you will find a salon at the end of every street. So, what will be your strategy to grab more customers? Simple, it is. You just need a salon app development. Don’t ask why and still if you feel curious to ask why? Check the astonishing features of salon app development to attract more users.

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Features To Have in Salon App Development

A complete feature listing guide for the customer app and salon owner app to help you not miss out on any single one of it.

  • Book appointments with your favorite stylist.
  • Select the date and time of the appointment.
  • Get your salon services at home
  • Receive notification about the status of the booked appointment.
  • Catalogue of the salon services available.
  • Select the type and number of salon services.
  • Prior knowledge of the prices of different services.
  • Get benefited from Perks, rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Push notifications about the discounts and special offers.
  • Get multiple payment options.
  • Get directions to the location of the salon through a mobile app.
  • Check photo gallery of the previous haircuts, hairstyles, and any other services you are looking for.
  • Take reviews of other customers.
  • Managing the appointment request of the customers.
  • Scheduling or rejecting the appointment request.
  • Add new services along with their rates.
  • View the ratings and reviews of the customers and make changes accordingly.
  • Manage payments received from the customers.
  • Send notification of the offers, discounts, the addition of new services, or any new addition to the salon.
  • Manage different users of the salon app.
  • Manage all the salon owners registered with the app.
  • Manage all the requests made by the users.
  • Manage the pricing of the services.
  • Manage the commission to be paid and received.
  • Benefits of Having A Salon Application Development

    • Maintain Quality Service

      If the hairstylist knows there are five more people sitting to get a haircut in one hour, he will rush to get completed as soon as possible. This will affect the quality of service he is offering. With a salon app, the appointments are fixed and given a fixed time slot. The customers don’t have to wait and the stylist doesn’t have to rush maintaining the quality service.

    • Customer Data Management

      The salon will be in receipt of the customer data. They have their contact details, their favorite stylist at the salon, their skin type, preferred products to be used and so on. Having personalized details and rendering service accordingly will create a bond with customers.

    • Engaging The Customers

      Keeping the customers waiting & providing them your services according to your timing won’t work in 2018. The customer will instantly diverge their ways to your competitors breaking your business. For not letting this happen and keeping your customers engaged, mobile app development is the best solution.

    • Create A Brand Image

      Having a salon application development will turn your business to brand. The app will make your business digitally available for the public to look, check, rate and use.

    • User Analysis

      Having a mobile app will keep you aware of each and every detail of the customer. This will help the salon owners to track which service is asked the most and which one the least, which stylist is preferred most by the customers and which one the least. Taking this analysis into consideration, changes can be made into services and more customer satisfaction can be availed.

    • Having a mobile app for your salon business will give you long-term benefits.
    • Salon app will give your customer more convenience to know details like opening and closing time, rates, number of stylist, and such other things.
    • Online presence will build a brand for your salon business and will market your business without investing any extra time and effort for it.
    • If your competitors haven’t had any app till date, you will have a competitive benefit and if they already have, it will bring you at par with them.

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