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Magazine & Newspaper App Development

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In today’s world, a newspaper a day is becoming a highly old fashioned way of receiving the news. With news getting created every minute and relayed almost immediately through TV, radio and internet, the news is already old by the next morning. No wonder the publishing industry is facing such a threat when it comes to newspaper sales. So it is with magazines now with so many people moving towards reading on mobiles and tablets.

Magazine & Newspaper App Development
Magazine & Newspaper App Development

Newspaper Apps

People are now craving for news to come to them faster and it is impossible for them to wait. The game changer is the advent of newspaper app development that allows the news to reach the readers in near real time, with the help of user preference and push technology feature used during Mobile Newsreader App Development. These newspaper apps usually provide the following features, flexibility and benefits to the readers and the publishing companies:

  • Improved reader experience – supported by slideshows, video, audio and web links
  • Social media integration – for users to share what they like
  • Reader engagement – for users to comment, rate, enter contests and surveys
  • Easy search and preference – to facilitate reading based on their preference

Magazine Apps

Another parallel publishing phenomenon that is changing the way we read is mobile magazine apps. These magazine apps provide engagement and personalization to the readers in addition to retaining the print experience. Our team is well versed in magazine app development that will help the client and readers through the following means:

  • Crashing time to market with the help of our robust methodology
  • Expanding the user base quickly
  • Saving money by avoiding time and effort of their internal IT staff
  • Customizability of the app to support both publisher and reader preference
  • Social media integration
  • Monetizing potential of content

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