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Restaurant App Development

Restaurant App Development

People will never stop eating. However, the way the search for, provide reviews and connect with restaurants and eateries have changed dramatically with the vast potential of geo-location based search and internet based feedback features. A big credit for this revolutionary change goes to the smart phone and smart apps revolution. Genuinely progressive restaurants cannot and must not stay away from leveraging this restaurant app development technology. There are a couple of variants of these restaurant apps and 360 Degree Technosoft is experienced in both. These include:

  • - Restaurant Ordering Apps – These apps could be developed by a single restaurant or can act as collectors of restaurant information by location. Depending on the functional need, these apps could be geo-location based or integrated with google maps. These apps are popular with restaurants that deliver the order at home.

  • - Restaurant Finder Apps – These apps are integrated with geo-location based search apps and help the mobile user find the nearest restaurant that serves their preferred cuisine within the agreed radius.

It is also possible that Restaurant Ordering Apps already has an embedded finder app, so these are not mutually exclusive styles of app development.

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Food that changes your mood

Check the process of developing a restaurant app which lures the food lovers to use it and get addicted to it.

This is one of the most popular types of food and restaurant app, whether it is for a single restaurant or for a platform that collates and displays a range of restaurants in the vicinity of the user. Depending on the type of restaurants, these apps may also support food delivery functions that allow the user to

  • Confirm order
  • Edit order
  • Track order preparation
  • Track packing
  • Track delivery

During the development of these apps, we follow the following time tested steps from our robust methodology for food app development.

  • Discover – This is where we understand the high level requirements from the client along with the objective
  • Dive deep – Understand the detailed requirements of the client
  • Design – Start designing the prototypes and wireframes based design blocks. Agree with the clients
  • Development – Actual coding of the agreed design using our robust development tools
  • Quality – the pillar of our delivery through testing the apps
  • Transition – the apps goes live so customers can start downloading
  • Support – any bugs or enhancements

So what are you waiting for? Have a restaurant app idea? Talk to us.

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