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Utility App Development

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Smart Phones nowadays come with a range of utility options that make a smart phone much more than just a phone; in fact these utilities have played a key role in turning the smart phone into an all-in-one device. These utilities may range from calendar to calculator, magnetic compass to notepads, diaries to spreadsheets.

Utility App Development
Utility App Development

Utility App Development

Utilities Mobile Solutions is a growing field of work that piggybacks on mobility solutions in the form of utility apps. These apps help provide a multitude of solutions for typical day to day problems. They provide a range of options that help you use your mobile phone in many different ways which turn the phone into a very handy instrument. Thanks to our rich experience of building mobile apps, we can build some of these utility apps that can help you turn your mobile phone into a multi dimensional utility.

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Utilities Mobile Solutions

Some of utility functions that can be built on a smart phone are listed below:

  • Integrating watch, alarm, diary, calendar, appointments and reminders
  • Integrate camera with various apps
  • Innovative usage of mobile flash light
  • Customizability of the app to support both publisher and reader preference
  • Wirelessly control smart electronic devices like laptop, TV and others
  • Customize and synchronize uploads, downloads and music

Do you have a utility idea that can enhance the usefulness of your phone apps? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and see how we turn your creative idea into reality.

Unlock the genie in your phone

Converting your smartphone into an All-in-1 device

All the utility apps: Ccalendar, Calculator, Magnetic Compass, and Diaries, are built by us. Come, talk to us to know about such many unequaled utility mobile solutions.