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TaskRabbit Clone App Development

runtastic pro clone app development

Home service apps like Taskrabbit has grown to become one of the most profitable apps in the list of on-demand apps. The interest, acceptance, and demand of this app are not just from the users but it is equal from the entrepreneur's end as well. Users get conveniency and comfort and entrepreneurs gets heavy profit.

TaskRabbit is an app offering multiple services to any user at one point or the other would require. If you are looking to develop a TaskRabbit Clone app and be a part of the trending app sector, you need to know all the aspects of the app. Let’s start with the must-have features.

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Features to Have in TaskRabbit Clone App

  • List of Services
    The first and most important feature of a TaskRabbit like an app is a list of services. It should be on the opening screen only. The user should find what they are looking for right when they open the app. Once they choose their required service, they should be directed to the detailed page of that particular service.
  • Ratings and Review
    These are the base on which the user can book the service they are looking for. More the reviews and better the ratings, higher are the chances of service provider getting selected. The user must be provided with the screen to give ratings and reviews from the app.
  • Book Service
    This feature will enable the user to book a service for the moment or schedule it for later. They can also reschedule the service if they are not available in the selected time slot. The service provider will use this feature to accept or reject the booking request. They can also use it for canceling it.
  • Chat
    This feature will help the users and service provider to chat. The chat will be safe, secure, and encrypted for protection.
  • In-App Payment
    There is always an option to pay cash from home but in the digital age, users are looking for digital ways to pay for their services. Provide multiple payment methods in the TaskRabbit clone app to engage the user.
  • Booking History
    This feature will provide the user to know which service they booked, when, and how much they paid for that particular service. Also, this will make them know which service provider to call for the next requirement.
  • Track Service Provider
    With this feature, the user will know where did the service provider reach and be prepared for their arrival.
  • Invoice of Service
    Once the service is completed, the user must get the invoice for the service. It should also be sent through the email or SMS.
  • Notification
    The app must send timely notification about the status of the service provider, addition of new services, removal of any existing services, or any deals or offers.
  • Admin Dashboard
    The app must send timely notification about the status of the service provider, addition of new services, removal of any existing services, or any deals or offers.
  • User Management
    New users can be added from this feature, old ones can be removed, and the history of the users can also be managed.
  • Service Provider Management
    Services and service providers can be added, removed, and updated with this feature.
  • Payment Management
    Payment from the users, methods of payment, commission and any payment related things can be managed with this feature.

Time Needed To Develop Runtastic Pro Clone Application

Project management 25 Days
Android development 50 days
iPhone development 35 days
API development 25 days
Admin 55 days
Designing 10 days
Testing 10 days

The development days might vary based on the features and complexity of the project.

How to Generate Revenue From TaskRabbit Clone App?

The ultimate agenda of the app is to make a profit from it. For an app like TaskRabbit, there are two easy ways to generate revenue.

You can take a specified amount from service fees charged from the users by the providers.

You can increase the prices of the services when they are in high demand. The best timing is during the festive season. This is a great way to generate revenue.

Technology Stack To Be Used For Taskrabbit Clone App

In-app Purchase
Push Notifications
Cocoa Touch
3D Touch
Google Health
Core Data

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