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Taxi Booking Application Development

Taxi App Development

We build a rapid and reliable solution for our bona fide customers. Taxi is one of the basic services every common man needs. Our cab booking / taxi booking app development company ensures to keep the navigation really easy, simple enough that even a dumb man can understand. You cannot find anything better than getting the best taxi booking services for giving a comfortable ride to your users.

You are our valuable customers, we pour every possible effort to make you happy and come up with taxi booking app that will make your ultimate users happy. Here are some of the top features to integrate into the taxi booking app.

Features To Have In Taxi Booking App Development

Let's take a text ride and explore the must-haves to develop a user-friendly taxi booking app.


Passenger Side Features of Taxi App

  • Non-Complex Registration

This feature lets the passenger register right from the mobile app through the login page. Registration should consist minimum details as none of the users would like to fill the prolonged registration form.

  • Book The Taxi Now

The passenger needs to feed their location and check which cabs are available nearby along with the vehicle. Choose the most preferred one and book the taxi.

  • Book The Taxi Later

If the passenger wants to book the taxi for a later date and time, integration of this feature will allow them to choose the vehicle for a later date at their desired time as.

  • Book for Friends

The passenger can also book a cab for any friend, family or relative through the book for friends feature.

  • Set Destination

The passenger can set his office and home location in the app for making prompt bookings on the routine basis.

  • Multilingual Support

This feature will make the app run in English, Spanish, or any other local language.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Cash, card, and wallet all the option for payment must be availed to the passenger. She/He can pay according to his convenience.

  • Vehicle Selection

After feeding the location, the user will be shown different vehicles in the nearby location. The user can choose the one she/he likes and comfortable traveling in.

  • Get Fare

After feeding the location and before booking the ride, an estimated fare is showed to the passenger. He can book the ride if he finds the fare affordable.

  • Track the Live Location of the Taxi

The passenger can track the location of the taxi and can calculate the arrival time accordingly.

  • Insert Promo Code

This feature can help the passengers to save some pennies by applying offers or promo codes.

  • View Trip History

The user can keep a track on how many rides he/she has done with the amount of fare and time. This way the app can avail some special discount and offers to its regular.

  • Cancel Ride

In case of any change of plan or any kind of emergency, the passenger is availed with the option of canceling the trip.

  • Rate and Review the Driver

At the end of the ride, the passenger should be given an option to rate the driver and ride. The passenger can also share his review about the ride and the driver with this.

  • Pickup and Drop Location

The user has to feed the pickup location and drop location to get the nearby cabs and estimated fare of the ride.


Driver Side Features of Taxi App

  • Accept or Reject the Ride

After the request is received, the driver can review the details and if he finds it appropriate, he will accept it and if not he will reject it. The driver has to take the decision in a limited time frame.

  • Get Pickup Location

The driver should get the details of the pickup location to reach there in time to take the passenger.

  • Get Drop Off Location

The driver should also get the drop-off location to decide whether the location is near or far and whether she/he wants to accept or reject the ride.

  • Start The Trip

The driver is availed with a ‘Start trip’ Tab which is to be tapped while starting the ride.

  • Navigation

Drivers are at the ease to navigate to the passenger's location, pick them up from their current location and drop them to their desired location.

  • Contact Customer

The driver should be availed with the contact details of the passenger to contact him for the address or picking him up.

  • Rate Passengers

Just like passengers are given the option to rate the driver; drivers are also given the option to rate their passengers on the scale of 1 to 5.

  • Check Past Rides

The driver can check how many rides he/she did in a day or in a week or month by going back in the chronological order.

  • Check The Upcoming Rides

The driver can have access to the number of rides scheduled at the later date & time to plan his current rides accordingly.

  • Go Offline

If the driver wants to take a break or want to call it a day, he can go offline to avoid new trips.

  • Sign Out

When the driver is done for the day, he can sign out from the app.

  • Payment Management

The driver can receive the payment in the wallet or in cash. All options should be open for the driver to receive payment.

  • Cancel Trip

If the driver has accepted any trip and there is some sudden change in the plan or any urgent situation then he can cancel the trip accordingly.

  • Payment Settlement

The driver doesn’t get the entire payment of the ride. Some of the portions go to the car owner as well. The payment settlement feature will show how much amount the driver gets and the owner gets.


Admin Panel Features of App for Taxi

  • Easy And Secure Login

Secure login option to the web-based admin panel through any modern browser must be integrated into the admin side features.

  • Admin Dashboard

Through the dashboard, the admin can get access to the statistics and overview of the performance and operations.

  • Manage The Drivers

This feature will enable the admin to add new drivers or remove the old ones, change the commission rates and payments.

  • Handle The Vehicles

This feature will assist the admin in adding new cars or any other vehicle & manage the existing ones as well.

  • Manage The Customers

All the existing customers of the taxi app can be viewed & their profile can be managed. If they have some complaint or issue, the admin can also resolve this issue.

  • Real-Time Tracking

With this feature, the admin can track each driver about his location, whether he is on the trip or of the trip, active or inactive, his location can be tracked.

  • App Notifications

The admin can notify the drivers & customers of any changes or any new launch or offers or any such thing.

  • Payment Integration

This feature includes making payment to the drivers, receiving payment from the customers & deciding the commission.

  • Manage Trips

The admin can have access over all the trips. He can know which cab is going from where to where, what charge, and every other detail relating to it.


Why Our Cab Booking / Taxi Booking App Development Company?

  • Every second individual uses taxi booking app. So, our taxi booking app development company makes the app navigation really easy as well as user interface in the simplest form possible.

  • 360 Degree Technosoft is always conscious of the customers as well as end users and develop an app with perfection from both the perspective.

  • Our company keeps an eye on the recent tech trends & implement the latest and best technology to develop the app.

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