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Top Mobile App Development Company In Dubai, UAE

App Development in Dubai

The economy of the UAE is considered to be the second largest after Saudi Arabia and a significant part of it comes from Dubai. One of the biggest events of the Arab world, Dubai Expo 2020 is said to deliver a $33 Billion hike to the UAE economy. The credit goes to the ravishing real estate boom, tremendous tourism, and the increased development of IT and finance industries.

The government has set up free zones to boost the already technologically advanced IT hub. Big IT organizations like Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, and IBM are already a part of it. If there is any mobile app or website idea popping in your head, the time and place both are just right to bring that into action. 360 Degree Technosoft, one of the best app development agency in Dubai will assist you in the process.

Every client has different app development needs. We do realize that, if it is a startup, they might be looking for an MVP model. If it is an established company, they must be looking for a full-fledged app with all the top features. The understanding of the needs and providing them with suitable solutions is what makes us one of the top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE.

We take care of the app from the research to its reach. Our research team dig deep and show the clients what are the recent designing trends, what kind of theme and colors goes with the category of the app they want to launch, what kind of colors and functionality will the users love in their location and what is needed to give it a global touch.

We gain this not just with the research, the experience of audacious 8 years of having worked in Android and iPhone app development industry and served the clients from 30 different clients has taught has many things. We started with experimentation but now we deliver the experience. We have worked on several projects from Gulf countries which have made us a reputable company to handover their project in Dubai, UAE. Let me jot it down for you.

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Apps Developed For Gulf Countries

Well, we want your app to be added next one in the below-mentioned list. Let us give you a brief idea about these apps to make you believe our working versatility.

It is one of the UAEs leading food ordering app with a bunch of fascinating features. Well, it can’t be said as a business, it is transformed into a brand and we are privileged to work with a brand like Eateasy.

It is a dessert delivery app for the gulf. It has beautiful UI and simple navigation making it easy for the users to order.

It is a table reservation app to skip the waiting time. It also allows the users to pick up the order and dine at home if that is what they want.

The app allows the user to check the restaurants nearby and book the table. You can also keep track of the waiting status and reach when the restaurant when your turn comes.

It’s basically a quiz app. Random opponents can play the quiz and answer the questions and win the game.

These apps allow the user to get the used car parts from the vendors in the city. If there is no vendor in the city, it can help you search in other nearby gulf cities. The user can make a price comparison, get it delivered or pick it up yourself.

It is an event app where the user can find malls to visit, popular tourist attractions, places to eat, food to try, events to appear, games to play, and such different things.

It is a card game and probably the first card game which presents a combination of both football and entertainment.

You have something similar, we are here. You have something different, we are definitely here. Just give us a chance to know your needs and you won’t regret hiring a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, UAE. Let’s build the next big thing in Dubai together (After Burj Khalifa).

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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