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Video Streaming Application Development

Video Streaming App Development

Television is living its last days, let’s just admit it. Sooner or later, the craze of television is going extinct for sure. A huge array of people has already lost interest from television with the evolution of internet and video streaming app. Yes, video streaming app development is the future. This is the reason why the majority of the big players in the market is investing heavily in video streaming app development. A bulk of the people gets baffled over the functionality and features and feels that it is difficult to choose the best out of all. Let our video streaming app development company help you decide the best features to have in the app.

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Features To Have In Video Streaming App Development

To come up with a revenue yielding video streaming app, along with the interesting content, making it feature filled is only way out.

  • Video Sharing
    When the user watches something amazing, they instantly intend to share it with their near and dear ones. When the video streaming application offers this feature of sharing, the user will be happy and satisfied.
  • Adaptive Video Streaming
    This is one of the must-have features when it comes to video streaming application development. Even when the network bandwidth is down, the user can still watch videos flawlessly without any hindrance. For lower quality streaming 144p and for higher quality streaming, 1080p to full HD should be kept. Let the app decide which quality to play as per the network availability.
  • Registration Options
    This is one of the prime features which any video streaming app development company should integrate. Multiple registrations or login options should be availed for the user convenience. Facebook login, Google login or mobile number for OTP should be the choices user should be availed with for registration.
  • Local Storage
    Video streaming app development must have live streaming feature but the user can’t have 24*7 access to the Internet. So, Local storage feature will avail the offline access to the user.
  • Personal Profile
    The user must be enabled with the option to personalize their profile and edit it their own way. The user is at the privilege to manage their watched videos, saved videos, subscribed channels, and history. On a contrary, the video streaming app developers can track the number of subscribers, genres of video, number of times of replays, type of videos shared, viewers types of interests to offer the user with what they like.
  • Subscriptions
    To keep the user connected and updated, subscription feature has to be integrated. The user can be notified whenever any new video is uploaded by their favorite channel or band or anything that interests them. The subscription can be kept either free or paid as the developer's preference.
  • Privacy Settings
    In this ultra social world, people are on their heels to share their stuff on the social media but up to certain limit. Everyone has a right to decide what they desire to share with the public and what not. This brings to inserting privacy settings to allow the user to choose the social media platforms or the friends for broadcasting their likes.
  • Updated Content
    A section must be added to the app to allow the user to know about the new addition. If the newer content has been posted or there has been some addition to the older ones, it should be displayed in the updated content section and also shows the notification.
  • Local storage
    They can store their videos in the app for a limited span of time and watch it even without internet access.
  • Search Options
    If the user has a particular video to watch, search option can help them watch that without having to scroll the entire data of the app. A filter is a good option to integrate to assist the user search according to language, type, topic, length, topic, trend, date, location and frequently watched.
  • Watchlist
    With this feature, the user can create a bucket list & add their movies or videos or shows on the watchlist. They don’t have to search next time when they are free. Just open the watchlist and start playing.
  • Review and Ratings
    The users can share their app experience & rate them accordingly. This will improve the credibility of your app and help your app grab an increased number of users.
  • Push Notifications
    Users stay notified about what’s lined up for them or what new has been released. This is a great tool for the mobile app developers to keep the user engaged and updated at the same time.
  • Real-time Analytics
    It’s an admin side feature to help them make an informed decision. The admin can keep a track on the number of live viewers and broadcasters. The admin will be fairly in the know of the number of users and their usage type to form strategies and implement them.
  • Resume Watching
    This feature of video streaming app will allow the user to resume the video exactly where they left without having to forward or rewind every\time they don’t finish the video.

Challenges In Video Streaming Application Development

One of the challenges in video streaming app development is of storing & transferring huge data. The process can be slow, expensive and can also be bandwidth intensive. When there is enhance feature of live & on-demand video streaming, the cost of infrastructure would be way too high with lesser chances of reusability. Content transcoding can also be one of the challenges for video streaming app developers. Also, content distribution analysis can also prove to be quite tricky.

  • 360 Degree Technosoft is always in the know about the latest trends of app industry with the right skills to integrate it into the apps being developed.
  • The company has a proven track record of satisfied clients locally & globally without any glitch in the project and client’s heart as well.
  • There is no security breach when it comes to mobile app development by 360 Degree Technosoft
  • We have already integrated live video streaming feature in one of our app, Konceptca which gives us the experience.
  • We don’t charge more than what’s needed. So, your budget is maintained if you hire us.
  • Whether you opt for fully native Android and iOS apps or choose a hybrid approach, we're here to offer expert guidance on what best suits your unique needs.

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