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Best Tax Apps in The Market

Mobile Application Development January 22, 2018
MBest Tax Apps in The Market

Filing tax is a painful task but no matter. Nobody in this world likes to spend their valuable time in filing tax – it is very annoying, stressful, overwhelming or confusing it is mandatory to file the task. But it is mandatory for everyone to file the tax otherwise you may lead to bear huge penalties. So, better to file the tax in due time and get relieved from the unnecessary tension of penalties.


Best Tax Apps in The Market


Earlier filing a tax used to be a huge time taking process – you need to go to a Chartered Accountant (CA) and you had to keep track of your income and expense, keep the receipt of you pay slip all year round and many more. But now with the advent of mobile tax app, you do not need to think too much about tax forms and schedules. Everything has now become automated and you can file your tax in your finger steps.


Best Tax Apps in The Market


The Following Are Some Best Tax Apps That Are Available In The Market:


1) TurboTax mobile app:


This tax is suitable for those persons who do not have too much critical tax structure. This tax app files the return very quickly and it hardly required 10 to 15 minutes to file the return. This type of tax app is mainly suitable for individual or a self- employed person. The best thing about this tax app is that this app allows to take the picture of tax form and upload it directly into the mobile tax app. This app can be easily downloaded from both Android as well as iOS mobile.


2) MileIQ mobile app:


This tax app is very suitable for those who need to travel extensively. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to track the traveling expense especially when you are traveling for multi-purpose such as for business, medical or any charitable purpose. It is hard to note down the expense every time. This is when this app becomes very handy. With this app, you will be able to generate your expense in excel sheet which you also send via email. Thus, this is a very useful tax app but it is a paid app and required $5.99 per month for using it.


3) H&R Block tax preparation app:


This is another useful tax which is very useful for filing simple tax structure. With the help of this app, you can file the tax for free easily and quickly. This tax app allows you to review the tax forms and allows you to edit any errors. This app can be easily downloaded for both Android and iOS mobile.


4) QuickBooks Self Employed app:


This is an app is specially made for a freelancer as well as the business owners. This is an ideal tax app for those persons who have multiple income sources. Generally, when there are multiple income sources it becomes difficult to file the tax but with the help of this app, it becomes very easy to file the tax even if there are multiple tax forms. That is the reason many freelancers who usually deals with multiple clients use to take the advantage of this tax app to file their tax structure. The best thing about this app is that it is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.


5) GoDaddy Bookkeeping app:


This app was previously known as Outright. This app has the capability to link up all your accounts. You many accounts in PayPal, eBay, savings bank account, credit cards, etc. but with the help of this app you will be able to link all your account and can track your spending easily. Thus, it can give you constant access to profit and loss and can automatically calculate your tax quarterly.


6) FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App:


This is another tax app which is ideal for online business owners and also for the freelancers. It allows the user to take the picture of tax receipt and invoice and load it into the app. This app also helps you to save and take the printout of the month-end report, financial income, expense report, etc.


Thus, gone are the day when you have to spend days after days and literally run after the chartered accountant for filing the tax. You can now easily avail the facility of tax app to file your tax.



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