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Event App Development Like Meetup: Whats the Ballpark Cost Estimation?

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology September 22, 2017

Meetup, at first the name of the app might sound like some dating app but it is much more than that. Yes, people from different corners get together to learn, teach, have discussions, arrive at conclusions, and held events. Group of people comes together having a similar set of interest like gaming, movies, hiking, biking, career, health, books, career, hobbies, music, politics, and list goes on. Whenever event app strikes any users mind, Meetup will be the first name popping in their head. This is clearly visible with the statistics of the current year. This app currently has 32.30 million users having 288,726 groups existent across 182 countries.


Event App Development Estimation


The basic agenda behind this app development was to aid organizers in handling meeting’s members and also allocate them a group that suits their interest matter. So, you think it’s beneficial just for the organizers? And how users get to benefit from event app development like Meetup? Users insert their city name along with their postal code and mention the topics they are keen to meet about to the like-minded personalities. The app will also share suggestions on the top subject based upon the city you enter.


Users are also at the benefit as the app is free for them if they log in as a member. They are availed with the option join various groups as per the rules of the individual groups. This app makes itself lucrative by taking charge from the organizers of the groups.


Writers write conjointly with writing Meetups, people run a marathon with marathon Meetups, people can explore career choices with career Meetups. Most prevalent Meetup categories are:


Meetup App Development


1) Fitness Meetup groups
2) Language Meetup groups
3) Tech Meetup groups
4) Career Meetup groups
5) Photography Meetup groups


Basically, these groups discuss, create, improve, share their opinions and help each other work on the similar topics. Functions of this app include:


1) Plan meetings and update the members about the same.


2) Accept the event’s RSVPs.


3) Post images of the event.


4) Communicate with your event mate.


5) Manage communication among different members and also among different groups.


6) Funding the groups, accept, reject or track membership, accept payments through WePay.


7) Post all the group polls.


8) File sharing is also one of the functions. Say for example if you are a member of the fitness group and you have an effective diet plan. This app allows you to share it with your fitness group members.


9) GPS is integrated to inform the user about their distance from the scheduled meeting location.


10) By the time, Meetup initiates, you can mark your attendance with mobile web check-in function.



global meeting mobile app


If you are an organizer, you must be intending to ease up your planning work and make communication easier among your members. So, you must be searching for company indulged in iPhone or Android App Development to make an app just like Meetup. We have a suggestion, 360 Degree Technosoft is a company that can match your expectation and outburst with a similar event app. So, you must be wondering why this company? The answer is, it has already developed an app having features and functions similar with Meetup.





You can check Peekhunt, an event app created by this company. Here are some of the glittering features of Peekhunt.


1) Explore the trending hot spots in any city.


2) Check-in to these hot spots you like.


3) Know about the events happening in the nearby places.


4) Reserve the table and pay in advance for it to skip the long queue.


5) Connect to your friends and post images and videos of yourself and the venue.


6) Chat with your friends and share the buzz about the places you explore.


Not, the most important but one of the important matter that buzzes your head when it comes to app development is the budget. The average cost of developing an app like Meetup will cost around $18000. The cost might differ on the number and type of feature you integrate. This is just a ballpark estimation.







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