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Step by Step Guide on Travel App Development

Mobile Application Development August 27, 2020
MStep by Step Guide on Travel App Development

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]Bored from routine life?

Need a break?

What is the first thing that came to your mind to take a break and relax?

Definitely, going on a trip.

Am I right?

Travel has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. People see a long weekend coming and decide to go on a trip. This has become our life’s pattern which has popped the demand for travel application development.

Most of the people turn to apps to plan their travel. They offer every information about the destination you visit, popular places to cover at that destination, best places to dine, and every other detail.


The travel app also provides hotel booking, cab booking, flight booking, and several other services. Mobile application development services have made travel really easy and convenient.

Reasons to Develop a Travel Application

Every business has turned digital and so is travel. There are various reasons to bring your travel business to apps.

Here are some of them.

Improve Customer Experience

Apps make time-consuming tasks very easy and quick. Customers can see everything and book whatever they like and whenever they like. Apps provide a seamless experience to their users.

Improve Brand Presence

Having an app for your travel business is definitely going to boost brand presence. While you have a physical presence, having a digital one will bring more users and maintain the existing ones as well. Having a digital presence creates a good impression on the users.

Keep Travelers Engaged

Keep Travelers Engaged
It’s easy to keep travelers engaged with the app. Even after the booking is done and the trip is completed, you can engage with your customers by sending them new packages or wishing them on special days. This way your business will always be on their mind and first to call while planning their next trip.

Bring New Customers

Having an app creates a new channel to bring in the customers. Those customers who cannot reach your business physically now have a platform to reach them. This will increase the profits, bring more users, and make the business popular.

Convenient Marketing

Apps are a good way of marketing. It is one of the cost-free ways to market your app. There are various marketing ways that cost money. With an app, you can market your business and also bring more customers as well.

Features to Have in a Travel App Development


It’s compulsory for every user to register into the app or login if already registered to use the app. Keep the process short and simple with limited details.

Furthermore, if you wish to make the process even simpler, you can provide social media integration. Users can easily login with their social media accounts without having to remember user ID and password.


This feature helps the user to search for the service they are looking for. The user can search for a location, hotel, transport mode, and many more things.

In an app filled with features, it is easy to get what users are looking for with a search feature. The user also gets suggestions based on their search. This can enhance their travel planning experience.

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Users can set filters according to their requirements like budget, distance, accommodation type, traveling class, dates, and such other parameters. This shows the users results which fit their requirement. It saves time and effort.

Listing Information

This feature is important to help the users get complete information about the travel destination or hotel they are looking for or the flight. Listing information allows the user to get all the necessary information in detail and make their travel plan conveniently.

Chatbot Texting

Users might have plenty of questions about the travel application they are using. Having a chatbot texting feature in the app allows the user to ask their queries and get instant replies. A chatbot will understand the user’s queries and answer all their questions accordingly.

Multiple Payment Options

A travel app must have multiple options for making payments. The user can make payment through debit card, credit card, or through UPI. The payment gateway must be very smooth and secure.

Travel app developers must put extra effort to ensure privacy and security. Online payment gives users cashless and hassle-free payment for their booking.

Look and Book

The app allows us to look at the pictures of the hotel, different rooms, facilities available, and then book if they like what they see. The user can also look for flights, available seats, dates and timing, and book for their travel. The app provides both the features looking for the availability and booking it.

Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation Tracking
It is one of the most common features in top travel mobile applications. Mobile apps provide a feature where users can track the location and get directions to the hotel.

The user finds it very easy not to have to look for directions and ask other people around in an unknown location. The user can easily reach the desired location.

Weather Forecast

This feature shows what type of weather will be there in the location you are visiting. This feature can show a date wise forecast of the weather to the user.

This way users can know whether it will rain or snow or it will be a sunny day. This way it is easy to plan the travel while knowing whether the weather is in your favor or not.

Ratings and Reviews

Every mobile app must have a feature of rating and review. The user can share their experience of using the app whether good or bad. User feedback can also help the app owner to know whether the user is liking the app or not. If the user shared negative feedback, the app owner can take it seriously, make improvements in it, and make their users happy.

Cab Booking

Taxi Booking
One of the interesting features to have in a travel app is cab booking. Every traveler landing at their travel location needs a cab to reach their hotel or wherever they are going. Having an app with all the features will help the users to do all the functions right from one app.

Travel History

The app provides a feature where users can check their travel history. They can know where and when they traveled, how much it cost to travel. The user can check at any time and from anywhere. The user can know every minute detail about the app.

Types of Travel App

There are plenty of different kinds of apps that are covered under the travel category. Take a look at every different kind.

Flight Booking App

Flight Booking
It is one of the most popular travel apps. Every traveler looks for flight before they plan their travel. Flight rates matter a lot while planning any trip. This category of the app allows the user to search for the flights, check the rates, availability of the seats, and such other things. The app also gives you suggestions based on your search.

Hotel Booking Apps

Again after booking the flight, any traveler will need a place to stay. Hotel booking apps allow the users to check the hotel, set filters as per location, price, or any other details. The user can check the photos of the rooms, book for their convenient date, check rates of different rooms, facilities they provide, and many other such details.

Specific Airline App

Airlines provide a specific app for their travelers. In these apps, the user can check the boarding details, flight timings, and availability of seats, early check-in, and such other details.

Travel Apps that Cover Everything

There are several travel apps that provide every facility a traveler needs. From flight booking to hotel booking, from cab booking to a local one-day trip, from getting the best places to visit to get the best places to eat. Such apps do every function from currency converter to language translator, it does everything.

Navigation Apps

Navigation App
It is difficult for travelers to search for locations in a new destination. Navigation apps help in getting directions to whichever location you enter in the app. It saves the user from asking for directions to unknown people in an unknown location and also saves time.

Language Translate App

Language is a big barrier while traveling to different places. Thanks to technology and language translation apps that save us from this trouble. It makes communication a lot more simpler and travel stress-free. It is one of the travel app categories people use.

Discover Local Places

People miss out on several popular and interesting local places in the destination they visit. To save them from regret, there are travel apps that show all the locations in the destination you visit.

Currency Converter App

Math is difficult, we cannot deny it. It is a huge hassle to keep counting in the head while spending money. Thanks to currency converter apps that make the math and counting trouble-free.

Best travel apps


Airbnb App
Airbnb allows the user to rent individual rooms, an entire apartment, or a couch. Airbnb is somewhere between hotels and hostels. It also allows sharing the rooms with the localhost. This will help you get a great idea about the place, the best places to visit, and local food to eat. It provides luxurious accommodation as well as budget-friendly stays. The user can book as per their convenience.


AirHelp App
Have you ever been troubled by delayed flight or canceled flight or denied boarding due to overbooking?

AirHelp will be right at your service to save you. Both US and EU laws support the travelers to get compensation. The process is a bit complicated and very few actually get compensation.

The app helps such passengers by making the process simpler. The passengers can just follow a few steps and get the compensation right at the airport. The users just have to enter flight information and certain details about the issue and the app will take care of the rest.


Hostlworld App
The travel planner app does all the functions that you expect from the usual accommodation booking app. It helps the user to search for the hotels, give a description of the place, allow keeping filters, and many more. It provides a full-screen interactive map which makes it easy for the users to locate the hostel and give you directions.


Loungebuddy App
Users face several troubles at the airport experiencing troubles of the dirty seat, expensive Wi-Fi, bad food, and several others. Travelers can rest at the lounges, but only when they have membership or business class tickets. Travelers have to ask airport staff whether they can have access to which lounge and which not.

LoungeBuddy takes the pain away from travelers. They can know the status of their airline after entering their credit card details and know about the lounge membership. The app gives details about which lounge you can access and which are restricted. It also gives detail about a one-day free pass. The app is easy and free to use.


Skyscanner App
It is one of the best apps to find and book cheap flights. The travel app helps in searching millions of flights from over 1200 sources and then suggests the best possible option for the traveler. It shows the cheapest and easiest route to travel to the desired destination.

There is also a handy chart feature that allows you to look at the cheap days or months to travel to your destination. The app also sends you a notification about changes in price to help you catch the best deal.

Cost of Developing a Travel App

The cost of developing a travel app cannot be clearly said. There are different factors that decide the cost of an application. It depends on the requirement of the client and what they want from their app.

You should hire a custom mobile app development company that can understand your idea, enlist your features and other app requirements, and deliver your expected results. Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of development.

Total Number of Features

If you decide to develop an MVP model for your travel app, the total number of features will be very limited. This way the budget of the app will get low. Also, there will be a chance to add other features in the future if needed.

On the contrary, if you decide to create a travel app with plenty of features, it will cost more. Hence, the number of features affects a lot in deciding the cost of development.

Types of Features

Features that need more time for development and complex in nature have more cost for development. Sometimes, the company needs to hire special skilled resources which can cost more to the company. Hence, the types of feature clients choose to affect heavily on the app development cost.

Company or Freelancer?

The cost of developing an app depends on who you hire. If you hire a company, they will have an entire team of designers and developers for your project. They will also have a tester and marketing team to take care of your app.

Hence, hiring a company will be expensive. If you choose a freelancer for your project, they will do everything single-handedly and hence they will charge less.

Experience of the Company

If you hire a startup for your travel mobile app development, they will be budget-friendly because of their lesser experience. If you hire a company that has a sound experience, they will charge more for their expertise, talent, and skilled resources. Higher the experience, the higher the cost.

Type of Platform

The choice of platform affects heavily on the cost of the development. If you choose one platform, Android, or iOS, the cost will be accordingly. If you choose two platforms, the cost will be more.

If you go for the native platform, the cost of development will be two separate apps that need to be developed for two separate platforms. If you pick react native for developing apps, the cost will be less. It needs to develop just one app which will run on both the platforms.

Wrapping Up

Most people have turned to mobile apps to plan their travel. Travel is becoming one of the necessities for people. People want to get away from their mundane life and take a break. Apart from buying a good house, a nice car, people also have a list of destinations to travel to their life goals. This increases the importance and demand for travel app development in the near future.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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