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How Can You Improve Your Mobile App User Acquisition?

Mobile Application Development November 20, 2017

So, while developing an app, what are the factors buzzing your mind? Is it the competitor app study? Is it making the app look professional? Is it making it award-winning? Stop your thought process right there buddy. You are going all wrong here. Who are the ultimate users of the app? Is it the competitors or anyone mentioned? No, right. It’s the general public. When you start off with the wrong frame of mind, you are going to end up wrong. My apologies, your app is going to end up wrong. It would be right away driven to the app graveyard. You don’t want that, right? Me neither and that’s what brings me to writing this article.


Mobile App User Acquisition


So, here it goes. You can’t survive without users. For users, it’s like the more the merrier. User acquisition is the key my friend to unlock the app success door. With this cutting edge competition, you are not getting the customers coming at your door and give a knock. No this was never the scenario even when the app store was freshly established and there were just 500 apps back in 2008. So, expecting this in 2017 with 2.8 million apps in Play store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple store is totally zounderkite thought. So, our today’s core focus is how to gain maximum user acquisition for your mobile app.


Improve Your Mobile App User Acquisition


1) Know Your Users Just Like You Know Your Subway Sandwich


Users have varied mindset and hence varied needs and want. Being a mobile app development company, if you run after every set of users, you are reaching nowhere. Target a niche set of users and then get the tip to toe info about them just like you know about your subway sandwich. You are so specific about the bread, types of sauces you want and veggies you want to add. Just like that know your actual users, their issues and the solution your app entails. When your user finally taste your sandwich (app), ‘it’s nice’ that should be the words coming from their mouth. What else? Of course, your sandwich (app) should compel the users to come back yet again and possibly again and again.


2) Know The Life Expectancy of Your App


When it comes to mobile apps, the right terminology to be used is LTV (lifetime value). If you are lured by some temporary trend and created an app therein, my friend I fear it’s not going to last long. Choosing an evergreen app sector that can last lifelong should be in the primary spectrum. Say for example, no matter what people are not going to stop traveling. This makes travel app development a permanent app category.


3) Nomenclature and Makeover of The App


No matter how functional and smooth the app is, users are going to reject it right away if it has an irrelevant and shoddy name and bad looks. A catchy name and attractive looks are the sparkling features driving the users to the app. In the mobile application development terminology, we call it enticing UI. Make sure you have worked in this sector adequately.


4) Test to Make Your App Best


Launching the app right away without taking it on a long drive is firing bullet being blindfolded. No, no, no you can’t-do it this way. Red alert!!! A big risk ahead. Bugs and functional issues are not things getting you anywhere close to your user acquisition agenda.


5) Aso (App Store Optimization)


Defining the corrected targeted keywords and framing a creative content strategy to promote it is something you must on miss out on. ASO will make your app visible to more and more potential users. This visibility will be then be converted into downloads and in turn your paid users.




Alfred Beiley

A Senior iOS developer and a programmer by heart, I have been working at 360 Degree Technosoft since last 4 years. Engaged in all the tech and app evolution, I dedicate my part time to the company and the rest to implement in my life.

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