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How Does Online Food Ordering System Work?

Mobile App Marketing, Mobile Application Development February 4, 2020
MHow Does Online Food Ordering System Work?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]The online food ordering system is everything your restaurant needs to make profitable online sales. The revenue of digital ordering amounts to $122,739 Million in 2020. Not just that, the revenue might show a growth rate of 7.5% with a market value of $164,002 Million by the year 2024. So, looking at the stats, this is the right time to develop a food delivery app and launch it. However, it is very important to know and understand how it works before making such a huge investment. Wondering how to get going with it?

The Functioning of An Online Food Ordering System

1) Register/Login

If the user is new, they have to register by filling the details like name, email address or phone number. If the user is already registered, they have login with the email ID and password.

2) Check the Restaurant and Menu

The user can check the restaurant, its menu, prices, location, ratings, and reviews. The user can decide whether they want to get their food delivered or pick up from the restaurant.

3) Choose Your Order and Add to Cart

The customers can browse the menu and choose the items they want to order. They can add the items into the cart. The user can customize the selected order or add special cooking or packaging instructions.

4) Apply Coupons

Once you decide your order, you can add a coupon code. It will allow users with a certain discount. There are various coupon codes available based on the type of payment method users choose or the amount of order they are placing. The user can add the best coupon to avail the maximum discount.

5) Add Delivery Address

The user has to add or change the address where they want to receive their order. The delivery charges may vary based on the distance of the restaurant and delivery address.

6) Choose Payment Method

The user has several payment options to choose from. They can pay in cash when they receive the food at their door. They can pay through debit or credit card, or they can also pay through their UPI accounts. The user can choose the payment method as per their convenience.

7) Place Order

After choosing the food, filling the address, and choosing the payment method, the user can finally place the order and wait for it to get delivered.

8) Restaurant Receives the Order

The restaurant will receive the user’s order. The restaurant can accept or reject the order. The user will get the message of confirmation or rejection by the restaurant.

9) Track Your Order

After placing the order the user can track the status of their order. They can know whether the order is being prepared, packed, the delivery boy reached the restaurant, the delivery boy left the restaurant, and where he reached. The contact details of the delivery boy are also given to call him, guide him about the location, and get your order delivered.

10) Get Your Order

The delivery boy will reach the user’s location and deliver their order. The delivery boy takes the payment if it is in cash and hand over the order to the user.

11) Feedback

The user can share the feedback, give ratings and reviews to the delivery boy and also to the restaurant. They can also file a complaint if there is an issue with their order.

This is exactly how an on-demand food delivery app development works. Now, you are on the verge of developing a similar app, you must have plenty of questions in head. We have answered a few of them and you are free to ask any other questions that pop your mind.


1) What is an online food ordering system?

It is an easy way for the customers to get their food delivered at home without having to visit the restaurant. The customer has to download the app, select the restaurant, add food to the cart, feed their address, and get food delivered at home. This is an online food ordering system.

2) How do restaurants increase revenue?

Launching an on-demand food delivery app development is the best way for the restaurants to increase their revenue. Your business will reach a wider range of customers and provide a new channel for income.

3) What are the uses and benefits of the online food ordering system?

There are several benefits of having an online food ordering system like creating a digital presence, inviting online audiences, expanding business boundaries, increased ROI, and many more.

4) What is the purpose of an online ordering system?

If you have a restaurant, you definitely need an online ordering system. The users are looking for added convenience and mobile apps provide that. Also, you want to be competitive among your competitors.

5) How can I improve my online ordering system?

If you already have an online ordering system, it is important to keep improving the system to stay competitive. You can try and update the system with new and trending features, offer pickup and delivery options, multiple payment options, and many more other competitive apps have.

Benefits of Mobile App For Restaurant

  • Online table booking
  • Digital menu
  • Direction to restaurant
  • Ordering online and pick up
  • Order online and get delivered
  • Location-based offers
  • Creating an online presence
  • 24*7 availability
  • Adding a new channel for revenue
  • Loyalty programs
  • Push notifications
  • Marketing tactic
  • Enriched user experience
  • Multiple payment options
  • Increased sales

Wrapping Up

So, are you intimidated by the functioning and benefits, and way they generate revenue? If yes you must be planning to create an app like Swiggy or launch a Zomato clone. Consult the professionals, share and your idea. Check the practicality of your idea, hire the best mobile app developers, and you are ready to go. Market your app in the best possible ways before it hits the market. Don’t forget to keep updating the app over a certain time and invest in the maintenance of the same.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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