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Why Should Start-ups Invest in Developing an Android App?

Android Application Development, Mobile Application Development August 20, 2020
MWhy Should Start-ups Invest in Developing an Android App?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]Today, every business or service demands going digital. The reason being, in the present, it has become a requisite part of human lives. One has to make a business or service available online, so it can be accessed instantly, in a virtual setup. This millennial generation demands the whole package, ease, quality, and swift serving.

To tend this need of today’s customer, channelizing the digital transformation of getting connected to customers, maintaining customer relationships, and developing into successful businesses, start-ups need to adapt their digital transformation and social presence at the right time and in a right manner.

Today, the best way to get business online for start-ups is mobile app development. It not only serves the purpose but can be done at a nominal budget. It would mark in all the activities from a business model like the key resources, key tasks, key partners, value proposition, cost structure, customer relationship, distribution channels, customer segments, and revenue streams.

Time Spent on Mobile AppsA start-up needs to analyze and understand the product, service, or market that it fits into. Creating a base that would help reach their customers effortlessly through an app in that capacity. If you know your suitable sphere of operation, you can build up strategies and plan accordingly. It is always smart to start with an initial version of your app, then gradually you can upgrade it, introduce significant changes, and evolve progressively.

For instance, take Snapchat, it came with an early version that allowed users to send in only momentary images to other users from the app. Only after the app gained popularity and validation did it added up more features and concepts for the users.

Why Invest in Developing an Android App?

The key purpose to develop an android app for a start-up is to reach a larger audience. However, that is not it. Android is an open-source platform and you can get access to its value and tools with ease. And at a much lower cost compared to any physical development to business.

One can take the services of expert android app developers that are available at feasible charges. The reach and the scope will not be confined to the local markets anymore. So, a start-up has to simply invest in mobile app marketing and can gain higher profits in return.

Having an app audience also helps start-ups save time and efforts in searching and building for the customer base and can utilize that time in strategizing on how the app can be enhanced further for customer satisfaction. An android app also holds numerous customization options that start-ups can leverage upon for creating fantastic customer experiences. It smoothens out communication, management and even provides flexibility as per specific business needs.

It integrates adaptability too with the entire Android ecosystem including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even Android TV. Android apps are amazingly compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. It is one of the significant android app benefits. It also promises in-built security features, safety, and reliability, like protection against malware and viruses.

An android app can be set up on a third-party forum too, making it easily accessible to users via multiple sources as well as generating more visibility. In addition to all these benefits, you can also select multiple marketing plans to advertise your app and enjoy higher app downloads. A comprehensive mobile app will help in building a brand reputation as well.

Major benefits of developing an app include;

  • Quick exhibition of the company on the market
  • Global audience
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Better customer service
  • Value creation
  • A convenient way of selling product or service
  • Continual communication with the customer
  • Direct feedback possible
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Automation of internal processes
  • Assortment of statistics

So, if you have a brilliant business idea, a great line of products but are not familiar with marketing those as per the existing trends, then your business at a high risk of failure.

As per research, the coming years will see even more increase in the use and development of mobile apps, so either start-ups learn to go online or face the repercussions of getting slow and outdated.

Budget Planning

Now, it comes to mind, how much do you invest in an app development when starting a digital makeover. Today, instead of replicating an existent app, it is crucial to concentrate on bringing something new for your customers. To build an app that forms say a habit or like an addiction for the customers is the ideal aim.

Budget PlanningIn most cases, the calculation of app development cost in the basic terms contains the total development time multiplied by the hourly rate. An android application development budget would no doubt vary as per the business, but it would largely depend on factors like;

  • Merchant type
  • Location
  • Complexity of the app and its design
  • Number of app features
  • Back-end infrastructure
  • Timeline
  • Connected APIs
  • Any additional branded elements
  • Development approach whether native, mobile web or hybrid

Generally, the main app cost is dependent on the app’s features. Based on which the software would operate and give the likely result. For instance, it could be a sign-up button on the screen or even as a video streaming combination. The number and density of the features and their implementation is said to be the actual cost to build an app.

As an app development company begins to build your app, they provide a cost estimate. This includes the features involved, project description, other requirements whether business or technical. It also includes the pace or complexity of the app development, changes to any existing features, any bug fixes, or the infrastructure changes.

Such a project has a combination of a fixed charge, that is agreed beforehand and material charges which will be occurred later on in the project. Overall, budget planning for an android app will involve charges in setup, administration, testing, marketing, launch, and finally maintenance. Once all the parameters have been examined, it is time to identify what will monetize the app.

The earnings from your app, costing cycle, and planning completion will provide you with an entire overview of your budget. However, the creativity and vision of any app is hard to determine, it can be either elegant, simple, powerful, or even intuitive, hence the final app development cost differs.


MVP- Minimum Viable ProductFor start-ups, while developing an android app need to identify and create a Minimum Viable Product MVP that solves a problem and also addresses a need for a particular audience. Simply put, it is about finding the right market that fits. MVP is an efficient way to sort of make a test run with the basic features of your app. It helps keep a tab on the costs too.

Developing the MVP not only helps build target market recognition but also contributes to the creation of a community of loyal users. The test feedback is also helpful in improving the final shot. The investors can be convinced too, with the MVP highlighting the performance.

MVP is a smart option to start with an early version that can be developed ahead on and with the advantage of a smaller budget. However, evolving an MVP is quite a task. You may get attached to building app features and attributes, making it difficult to identify the core idea of the app.

MVP is not about building a set of features, it is about testing the idea. Whether your app is giving the functionality that’s exclusive or simply that makes your business model more feasible. For instance, Buffer put up a single-page website that defined what the product was about. So, people who were interested could leave their emails and so.

After a while, Buffer tested users’ readiness to pay for their service simply by adding pricing plans to the landing page. The MVP is a win-win strategy for a start-up as it progresses to develop an android app. The MVP stage would involve the initial test as well as designing of the exact model.

Because if you choose to redesign or even completely change your app’s functionality, that can cost you a great deal. So, think about the cost and expense while designing the first version of your app.

The different types of mobile apps a start-up, in general, can have;

  • Basic app
  • Data-driven app
  • Authentication app
  • Social networking app
  • On-demand app
  • Ecommerce app
  • Market place app
  • IoT app
  • Hardware app

Best Ways to Develop an Android App

The idea of an app is the foremost vital part of creating a successful app. But add on the usage of marketing tools such as search ads, social media networks, content marketing, and engine optimization is a bonus. Using customer engagement techniques will help make your app more attractive. The motto is to get viral.’

As you plan to develop an app you need clear goals and elaborate strategies to achieve the same. Make maximum use of your strengths and work on eliminating your weaknesses. Form a transparent plan, with budget and expense evaluation. Prepare a flawless strategy for marketing activities.

Take in and show user feedbacks or references or even testimonials in a great way. Ensure making a successful app by a thorough analysis of your market, studying resources, and social media platforms. Checking for the latest trends, polls, surveys, and exploring certainly adds to the built-up.

To plan better, check-in for simple questions like;

  • Will the app enhance the user experience?
  • What is the worth proposition?
  • What are the key attributes you would incorporate in the app?
  • How will you reach your audience most accurately?
  • What will be your revenue channelizing strategy?

As you go on to develop an android app for your start-up, let’s look into some factors that lead to a successful mobile app development project;


Your app needs to motivate your users and appeal to them. It is simple, they will have no business with any app that does not trigger their attention. Look for your audience’s likes and dislikes to frame your app likewise.


Make sure you choose the right medium and right facets to reach your audience. Study your target platform well. Match & fit it appropriately with your app and its features. So, as the user acquires an impressive experience.

Being Different

In competition, today, having even a slighter edge towards an added aspect highlights your work indisputably. For instance, the latest trend in apps is if it can work without internet connection availability, it can function offline too.

Keep it Clear

Your app has to be simple and easy to use if targeting a bigger audience. Avoid any overuse of advertisements or banners. Too much clutter could distract a user right away.


Make certain that your app is designed to match user preferences. Accept a grid pattern that gives maximum consistency even as users move from page to page in the app. Experts will always go in for draft concepts based on grids in any mobile app development.

Get Noticed

Your app would need something more than the ordinary to stand out. Get noticed and reach the top by supporting the app development process through modern tools of search engine optimization or application optimization that help to increase the visibility of newer mobile apps.

Avoid Confusion

Keep your app focussed on a single activity, product, service, or business. Having too many elements on your app just makes it too confusing. For instance, an app that can unzip files, work as a torch or even gives access to GPS, and so on.

Stay Updated

Android apps need time to time updates and failing to do so may damage your success. Matching to the latest developments, improvements, and modernizing will help keep make your app a must-have in your user’s list unquestionably.


While developing an android app, getting expert guidance is a good option. Having mobile app development companies work on your app for a fee can help you save the time and effort and give you a skilled app from a specialist.

Testing Right

Have a hands-on feel or test of your app before realizing it for your users. That will help check for any errors or loopholes.

Developing an app that makes it easy, smooth, and matches the requirements of your user is the triumph. However, just developing an app is not enough. Maintaining it regularly, adding in the newest changes, and offering what the customer desires at all times is the ideal goal.

Looking at the Statistics (Last Two Years):

The key app statistics that can be considered while developing an android app for your start-up;

  • The total number of mobile app downloads in 2019:  197 billion
  • The total number of Android app downloads in 2019: 50 billion
  • The app category people spend time the most is Social Networking (49% of users)
  • The most popular app, Android, by penetration Facebook (81% of users)
  • The mobile app Millennials use the most in 2018: Amazon (35% of users)
  • The time spent per user with digital media on mobile in 2019: 2.3 hours
  • The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in 2019: 18-24 (90.6 hrs on Smartphone apps, 34.7 hrs. on tablet apps)
  • The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in 2019: 18-24 (93.5 hrs/month on Smartphone apps, 27.6 hrs. / month on tablet apps)
  • The average number of apps people use daily – 9, monthly – 30
  • The major age group of users that operate a Smartphone with two hands – 55+ (39% of users)
  • Total number of Android apps – 3 million (as of June of 2019)
  • The most popular Android app category, by volume – Games (35%)
  • The most popular Android app category, by penetration – Tools (99.8%)


The business domain is wholly revolutionized by mobile apps, in today’s time. Having a mobile app for your product or service has become a necessity. An app that is able to penetrate the market and reach the audience exquisitely.

Start-ups can effectively get the perks of this technology and gain benefits with limited resources through android app development. Android app development is an ideal opportunity for start-ups.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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