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Things To Consider For Weather App Development

IT Technology, Mobile Application Development June 13, 2018

weather app development


This category of apps are the most useful ones. This will help the users to make an informed decision whether to plan a picnic on a specific date or plan your holidays in a specific city or country accordingly. What’s the use of going on a holiday and not being able to come out of the hotel room on the grounds of heavy snowfall or heavy rain? I know it’s of no use to travel so far and not able to visit places and have fun. To help you from such regrets comes the weather app development. It’s not just about visiting places, but also organizing events. You have organized a grand celebration for your parents 50th anniversary but it rained heavily on that day and half of the roads were blocked and the majority of the guests didn’t show up. The event will be ruined but, not if you have used the weather app and checked the conditions on that particular day.


People have learned it and are ingraining the use of weather apps in their life which provokes the weather app developers to develop more such apps. But as we all know there are already 3.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2 million in the Apple app store, adding one more won’t make much difference unless it has something amazing to set it apart. So, want to know what are the secret ingredients of making a perfect weather app? Read ahead and explore yourself.


Features To Have In A Weather App


1) Earth Time Lapse


This feature will show the images of the change in the climate all over the globe at regular intervals. It will show how it was before, how it is at the moment and how it is going to be.


2) Rain Predictions


This feature will show the prediction of how and when it is going to rain. It will show it in percentage whether there is any probability of rain and it will be bifurcated in the sections like Cloudy, semi-cloudy, and clear.


3) Time Of Sunrise And Sunset


This feature is integrated to show the length of the day and night. It will tell the time of sunrise and sunset simultaneously.


4) Wind Predictions


For the general public, this feature might not be of that extreme use but for the people like sailors, paragliders, kite-surfers, and windsurfers.


The only use to the usual people of this feature is when they are planning a holiday to check whether the wind is going to be okay or not.


5) Humidity And Visibility


When you are going out especially when you have to drive too long, it is always helpful to check the humidity and visibility level and begin the journey.


6) UV Weather Map


This feature is integrated into the weather app to show ultraviolet radiation of the sun on the world map by the Solar UV index. This is not one of those common features you would see in any weather app but it is very useful during the summer.


7) Climate Map


This feature will give the exact idea of the climate information. It includes Humidity, sea level, air temperature, and carbon dioxide level. These are most important ones for educational and scientific uses.


8) Weather Forecast


This is the basic function of the weather application. This feature will show the current status of the weather along with showing the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


weather forecast app developers


Types Of Weather Apps


1) Climate Apps


There are several features of a climate app.


1) These apps can show the current climate all around the globe.


2) These apps can also show the climate changes through the time, day, week or month.


3) Such apps will showcase the climate map of the whole Earth that includes the sea level, gravity field, air temperature, percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air and such other things.


4) These apps will also show hurricane tracking.


2) Forecast Apps


These are basically the most popular type of weather apps. These apps will use the location services and show the weather forecast. Well, the usual weather apps will show the daily, weekly, and hourly weather forecast but only the extraordinary ones will avail the varied range of widgets as well. Generally, these are provided for free by most of the apps but some of them are kept reserved for the paid packages.


3) Image of changes


The basic function of such weather application is for entertainment or educational purpose. The man agenda of such app is to showcase the overall change in the climate over a certain period of time or over some years. The concept of the app is not as much popular as the above two but is in demand and preferred by the public in some market.


Other Recommended Features


1) Push notification is one of the most needed features in a weather to keep the user notified.


2) Drought monitoring and forecast tab is also a great feature for the app, a unique one and most helpful for the users indulged with the agriculture industry.


3) You can also integrate the feature where comparison of current year temperature and previous year temperature are shown.


Why Should You Indulge In Weather App Development?


Well, if you are a mobile app development company who likes to be in trend, then this is one of the current trends to look at. Also, this a category of the app which is helpful in the daily life of the user. However, it can be a costly project and when the features to be integrated are complex, it can be more expensive. Still, its worth to indulge in developing a weather app as you can generate an adequate amount of revenue out of it once it flourishes the market and user gets acquainted with its use.






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