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Tips for Building a successful eCommerce Mobile app

Mobile Application Development August 26, 2021
MTips for Building a successful eCommerce Mobile app

No doubt, eCommerce/window shopping is the new future of buying essentials. All thanks to the internet that makes the world smaller. Now, if you are a business that makes a certain product, you can sell your product in Antarctica as well! But for that, you need to build an app. Yes! An eCommerce app is a medium that helps you sell your product/services in any part of the world.

Why do you Need an eCommerce App?

In recent times, people are more conscious of their health. And speaking about health, the recent pandemic has almost paused the world. So, in such cases, eCommerce app development is the only way to get essentials without getting affected by any viruses. People can stay at their homes and order their daily essentials to their doorsteps.

Similarly, businesses also get numerous benefits from eCommerce apps. They can sell their product despite having a lockdown worldwide. Besides the pandemic, the eCommerce app is still useful for businesses. This is because; it helps businesses bring out their product to people without getting into the traditional market.

For example, many tech-savvy industries have launched their gadgets in eCommerce applications only. Now, how does it helps a business? Every business wants to create enough hype about their product that people will buy it without any second thought. So, launching products in eCommerce mobile apps helps businesses to create a buzz about their products. And especially if the product is only available online, people will be more passionate to buy it. This increases the value of the product.

Further, eCommerce apps are trusted platforms. It gains trust with tons of offers and easy customer service. So, launching a product on an eCommerce website not includes your name; it also attaches the label of the eCommerce website. Thus, you get an extra brand value.

So, it is necessary to encourage eCommerce development that boosts the economy. With access to the latest knowledge about app development, anyone can now develop an eCommerce mobile app. But if you are looking to build your eCommerce mobile, you need to be the best. This is because; building an app is not the only thing that matters in eCommerce mobile app development. You have to come up with an efficient app that will fulfill all the demands of your consumer.

Steps to Build the Most Successful eCommerce App

Creating an eCommerce mobile app is not making a cup of tea. It includes many aspects that you need to take care of. So, that brings you to the basic steps of building eCommerce apps. Here are the steps you must include while building your eCommerce app.

Market Research 

The first and foremost thing you need to include while making your eCommerce app is market research. It will offer you a plethora of data to build the most efficient app. If you are building your eCommerce app, you need to find out the facts and stats that will help you know about eCommerce success. 

You can look up largely popular eCommerce sites that offer products/services to people. The next most essential thing is determining your field to perform. Yes! Identifying domain plays a crucial role as well. It will help you map the correct item category that will enable you to move on to the next step.

Think Beyond Fulfilling the Demands 

Many businesses think that eCommerce app development only means to fulfill consumers’ demand by delivering them the product. Well, if you think so, you might be wrong. This is because; eCommerce site is about delivering consumers’ demands; it includes many back-end processes that you need to take care of.

The first thing to consider is to market your eCommerce site. If people are using any other eCommerce platform, the only thing that will make them switch is your USP. So, it would be best if you come up with USPs that have never been implemented before. You can come up with discounts, grand sales, or launch a brand’s product, which would only be available on your site.

If you are making any eCommerce sites, you need to think out of the box and make yourself worth choosing.

Choose the Right Demographic

Demographics is that tool that will help you to get to your potential consumer. This is because; it is all about identifying the right age group that will boost your sales. So, beginning with the right age group can help you. You can proceed by determining the preferences, needs behaviors of a certain age group. You can employ online survey platforms to find out preferences, and what is more helpful than social media platforms. Social media platforms are those data banks that can help you find anything you want.

Platform Technology Selection

The next thing that you need to consider is choosing the right technology for your eCommerce platform. If you are a developer, you can better understand this point. And for those who are new to technology, eCommerce apps can be developed using two technologies. It includes Native and Hybrid. Both of these technologies are widely implemented in any application you build. 

Further, studying in-depth, Native app technology is utilized to create Android and iOS UIs. And Hybrid app technology is for multiple mobile OS. So, it would be best if you decide what you want.

Determine the CMS 

The eCommerce applications do already have an extensive database and inventory indexes. And that’s not yet! Each product that you will sell comes with its specifications. It may include the technical specs or the bullet points that offer you the perk about the product. Thus, you have to depend on a content management system that will pull out your data in such cases.

Further, the app that you develop must be mobile-friendly as well. This will offer a comfortable user experience.

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Specify all the Crucial Features 

Besides research and all other kinds of stuff, one more thing will help you come into the limelight. If you really want your eCommerce app to be transparent to your consumer, you need to specify all the crucial features. List all those features that will offer you a competitive edge in the market.

In such cases, you need to take care of the standard features of your app primarily. You should highlight them and convey how they are useful. And the next step is to list the crucial features that you are offering. It includes secure login, a well-arranged product catalog, easy to add a shopping cart, and secure payment options. These are the features that you must specify while promoting your eCommerce app. This will help you get a better hold in the market.

Indispensible Features in any eCommerce App

No doubt, despite delivering products, eCommerce apps are also known for their customer-friendly features. Many features can make an application great. So, if you are developing eCommerce apps, here are some features that you must include.

Spontaneous Design 

The most crucial feature that matters the most is spontaneous design. Your eCommerce app’s design plays a vital role in deciding how the consumer will accept your app. So, you must be cautious that the app you develop doesn’t have a complicated design that will be more time-consuming to use. Make sure you are making and straight and easy app with all the advanced features.


Security is the next most essential feature after the design. The users rely on the eCommerce apps and provide almost all of their data to the sites. It includes payment information, personal details, addresses, and many more things. So, you must ensure that you are offering them a secure platform to furnish all their details. You should ensure that you secure some information about consumers, like bank account details, credit card/ debit card info, and addresses. Further, there should be no security loopholes.

Great Images 

Window shopping is all about images. In fact, consumers blindly trust the product images and buy the product. So, in this game of images, you need to develop high-quality images of the product. There are some cases when your product may be looking good, but the image quality makes it dull. So, make sure images are of good quality and can be processed 600 times faster than the text on your site.

Social Media Integration

Do you know signing up for a new platform is the only tedious process that holds people from switching to other eCommerce mobile apps? Yes! This is because; people don’t indulge in applications where they have to furnish all their details to log in and create an account.

In such cases, social media integration is a helpful feature that eliminates all the hassles. You can integrate social media login to your eCommerce app so that people can directly log in with their social media IDs. Thus, if you want to offer an easy shopping experience to the customers, you must integrate social media into your site.

Easy Navigation

eCommerce platforms are now widely used by all age groups. The new generation may find it easy to navigate advanced apps; But what about mid-aged users? Technology is something that majorly evolved during 2000. So, people from the 80s and 90s will always find it difficult. It is because technology came after them.

So, you should try and make an eCommerce app that is easy to navigate. Usually, displays in smartphones are limited. So, you must develop an app where the content displayed is clear and legible.

Google Analytics 

The main motive of every eCommerce app is to earn money. So, it would be best if you integrate analytics into your eCommerce sites. This will help you understand the buying patterns of the consumer. With the help of Google analytics, you can know many things. It includes session-time, cost of conversions, click-through rate, and other valuable information. With all these plethoras of data, you can understand what a customer wants.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are another feature that enables you to get market control. It is a feature that offers you the opportunity to promote your eCommerce site with exclusive offers. In the push notifications, you can notify your consumers about the deals, limited period sales, discounts, special offers, product launches, and many more. If you prefer for an eCommerce app development company to create your eCommerce app, you must not forget to integrate the Push notification feature.

All Payment Supporting Feature

Buyers who prefer window shopping always want platforms that are accepting all sorts’ payment modes. It includes UPI, credit card, debit card, COD, and many more. So, you need to ensure you have all the payment options in your eCommerce app.

Easy Check Out

Usually, checkout is the most tedious part of every eCommerce shopping. It can make it or break it. Further, on some sites, the checkout process takes time. Sometimes while getting the final payment, the app crashes or loads slowly. If you are making an eCommerce app, make sure you are offering an easy check-out option. This will reduce the number of carts abandon while checking out. So, keep it as much as simple as you can.

Keeping Relevant Content

This is another feature that you need to ensure. Some mobile application development company while making your app, make it too cluttered with irrelevant content. So, you must ensure that you are keeping relevant content for your eCommerce platform.

In fact, product information should also not be messed up. You should make sure that you are precise and straight to the point. This will help you attract more consumers to your eCommerce platform.


Keeping this short, this is how you can build a successful eCommerce app with all the features. Although building eCommerce apps include many more features, but these were the most significant ones. If you are looking to attract maximum consumers, you must follow all the points discussed in this article. And keeping it simple is one of those mottos that can enable you to grab consumers from all age groups.

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