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Travel App Development Features You Can’t-Miss

Mobile Application Development October 12, 2017
MTravel App Development Features You Can’t-Miss

Recall your memory, which was the most comfortable trip you ever had? Well, the one with the mobile phone in your hand, with hotel booking and flight booking done with mobile apps like Airbnb, accurate navigation with Google apps, cabs booked with cab booking apps….I mean technology is nothing less than a wonder. Time, money, effort what not is saved when you have the technology right at your hand. Travel apps have grabbed a place in the mobile phone and in the hearts of the wanderlust.


Well, if you look at the optimistic side, it’s not just curtailed to the ultimate end users but it is prolonged to the app makers as well. If you are indulged in travel app development, you have a fair chance to generate a sound amount of revenue out of it. Well, this would be possible only when you create a feature packed app that can stand strong in this competitive app world. Let’s explore some of the must-have features for your travel app.


 Travel App Development Features


Personal Account of User :

Travel app is very close and personal to each user and hence personal account is a must. Users have to register and fill in some personal details which make recognizing your target audience easier.


FeaturesOf Travel App Development


Notifications and Scheduling :


A travel app is the travel partner for any user. Hence this is the not to miss feature for any app. The traveler should be allowed to feed all the traveling schedule and sent notifications accordingly to remind the plan and stay in sync with it.


Search and Filter :


Don’t miss this feature, you want a smart user experience for your app. This is how you lure your users. Users are new to the place and the probability of them getting lost is quite high. While indulging into Android or iPhone app development, insert a search option. The traveler can search for a specific city, specific area, and specific spot. In-depth search and filters can really make users travel easy and convenient. Users can really get lost in the ocean of information.


Geolocation and Navigation :


We have heard a million stories of people fooling the travelers by showing them wrong routes. Have this happened to you? Not anymore. You can’t let this happen to your valuable users with such upsurged technology. Why do they have to install some other random app for navigation when they have a specific all in one travel app. Well, make sure you avail them with both online and offline maps, just in case your user get lost in some place shredded from civilization. This was all about navigation, why geolocation? Just to make your navigation smart. The traveler should have access to all the nearby hot spots, cafes, and hotels.


Don’t Look, Just Book :


Yes, one of the most basic yet invaluable features you cannot miss out. Take any of the best travel apps, none of the mobile app development companies would have missed this feature. Users should be availed with the flight booking and hotel booking. Partner up or maintain good relations with airlines company or hotels and avail your customers with some juicy discount. This will encourage your users to not to abandon your app and drive even more users to it.


Local Commutation :


In an unknown land, commuting can be a serious problem. Public commutation can be a way out but there are plenty of travelers who don’t like to wait for the public bus or train, instead, they would prefer a cab. Your app needs to have something for such travelers too. This can be a new revenue generation channel for you. You can consult with the cab service and make them pay for each user choosing their service through your app.


Extra Features That Can Add Feathers To Your Travel App Cap


1) Weather Forecast


2) Users Reviews


3) Currency Converter


4) Social Media Integration





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