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What Should You Know While Building A Lifestyle App?

Mobile Application Development July 14, 2018
MWhat Should You Know While Building A Lifestyle App?

Lifestyle app is a such a category which is used by every section whether it is men, women, or kids. We all love shopping and need it as well. Even if someone is not interested in buying, they will still scroll the app just to know what is trending in fashion and have knowledge while you go for actual shopping. Lifestyle app is such an app which people uses when they are traveling, or they are in a queue to get their burgers or they waiting for your turn in the salon or any other activity. Well, you know the fact that people can’t carry a laptop every time and everywhere, they access it through their mobile devices. This brings to lifestyle app development and things to be considered while doing so.


Things To Consider While Developing A Lifestyle App


1) You need to work more than the app

Yes, it’s not just the app that brings the users to it, lot more has to be worked on. One of those things is branding. Have you seen the people addicted to specific brands? Well, it’s not that they can’t get better stuff with other brands even at a better price but its the emotional connection with the brand. This is what your app should focus on doing if they want to lead their competitors and create an individual identity in the herds of different competitors. You can also take an example of the Red Bull, we just discussed the offering the user’s something they can buy and trapping them to keep buying. Is Red Bull about the drink inside the can or about the person holding the can? The interesting thing is that Red Bull doesn’t even display their product on the landing page. What they pay heed to is apparels for fans and selling the extra stuff.

Lifestyle app development

2) Users have become more intelligent than your expectations


Users have fluctuating mindset. They will not stick with your app if you don’t provide them with something they can hook on. There are many tools to check what the users actually think about your app and how it should actually be used. You might be perfect from the technical side, the development is done, testing is bug-less, UI and UX are flawless yet the app is not able to engage the users. The content has to be fresh, the app needs to be updated in the time interval and there should always be innovations added to the app to engage the users.


Lifestyle App Development


3) Have you ever thought enterprise app can be lifestyle app?


Have you ever felt excited about the communication app you use at work? I guess not. But, this is the app all the employees are forced to use and they open and use the same app for the entire day. If you add the twist of collaborating lifestyle app with the enterprise app, what engagement it can get, ever thought of that? This will also interest the user to use the app and give a kick to both the enterprise and lifestyle app.


4) Put more emphasis on Why


People need to know why they need a lifestyle app on their device. They also need to why you took all the hard work and created one. They also need to know with an ample amount of lifestyle app in the market why they need to install yours. They also need to know why your app is different from others. There are so many whys, highlighting which can make your app do miracles.


5) Give a little sneak peek


Before launching your actual lifestyle app, give your audience a little sneak peek and a beautiful and curious one. This will make them active that something amazing is coming their way and at the actual launch day, a whole bunch of users will be waiting to use your app. This is a great promotional activity and a source for increasing user base.

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