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Why Gym Requires Mobile Application for Customers?

Mobile Application Development January 30, 2020
MWhy Gym Requires Mobile Application for Customers?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]An app will not make a user exercise, lose weight, stay fit or healthy. They need to actually hit the gym for that. Well, this is not true. An app can teach users how to exercise with tutorial videos. It can help them get fitness tips from fitness experts, get diet charts, get a reminder for water intake and whatnot.

The market of health and fitness app development in the US is expected to reach around $3.5 Billion by the year 2025. This is not the only reason why you need to have an app for your gym.

Here’s Why Gym Needs Health and Fitness App Development

1) Constant Communication

Having a fitness app for your gym makes your availability 24*7 for your users. You can update them about the changes in the gym schedule, diet plans and any other thing you deem fit. This makes your users feel special and make them promote it to other users as well. The best promotion is promotion through word of mouth. Having an app and providing your users with your special attention will definitely work magic for your gym business.

2) Grab and Glue More Gym Freaks

When you meet your users in an environment of their choice, they will choose you over your competitors. Having a mobile application for your gym business will not only help you get more customers but glue them to your business for a longer time. The use and popularity of mobile apps have increased over a while and not having one will make your business quite antiquated.

3) Track Users Progress

A mobile app will store the entire history, current workout, and diet plans, trainer selected, ultimate fitness goal and milestones to achieve that goal. The user can track their daily activities and progress with the app. Fitness apps can measure everything from your calories gained to calories burnt, from steps walked to stairs climbed, from weight gain to weight loss. Keep your users updated with their fitness status.

4) Connect With Wearables

There will be almost 560 Million units of wearables devices by the end of 2021. The use of fitness bands has surged over the past few years. More and more people are looking to access and measure everything from their wrist. So, a wearable app is all you need to provide your users with.

5) Enriched User Experience

Your gym members no longer need to carry the badge every time they want to enter. You can have a barcode scanner for entry. This will provide them with added convenience and a teeny bit extra love towards your gym. They can access any brach of your gym without having to worry about carrying the membership card.

6) Pleasant Payments

It is a hassle to carry a bunch of cash for the payment. Having a mobile app for your gym and integrating multiple payment methods will provide your users with a pleasant payment experience. Cashback, coupons, discounts are some added benefits you can offer from time to time.

7) Push Your Promotions With Notifications

Push notifications are of higher significance than Facebook or email notifications in real-time. You can inform about any promotions, discounts, deals, change in the gym timings, change in trainers, the addition of diet or nutrition plans or any such thing through push notification.

8) Visual Retreat of Exercises

Any user would want to sneak a peek before investing money into any gym. Having a health and fitness app development will enable you to post fitness videos, types of sessions and exercises, introduce them with your trainers and their expertise, and testimonials of other members. This will help to gain the trust of newcomers and increase the members.

9) Center Point For All Details

Providing your gym junkies with a fitness mobile application will save their time from shuffling through websites and emails for information or from visiting your store. Your app can be the center point for all information whether it is about the timing, packages, trainers, or any other detail they seek.

10) Channel For Marketing

If you are thinking that promoting your gym through social media would be enough, let me break that myth. There is plenty of other gyms like yours having the same thought and doing a similar thing. It is not enough. Having a mobile application would be an added channel for marketing and revenue. So, don’t give a second thought and get started with the development.

Features to Have in A Fitness Application

1) User App Features

  • Login – Simple registration with limited details and login with Facebook and Google is enough to get started with the app.
  • Exercise Videos – The user can watch different videos of exercises, learn from them, and do them. They can watch and learn from any place they desire through the app.
  • Chat With Fitness Experts – The user can have one on one chat with the fitness expert available with the app. They can take fitness advice, ask any queries, and customize their plan with the experts.
  • Fitness Plans – There are three types of fitness plans available, Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. The user can pick the one best suited to their condition.
  • Workout Plans – Every user has different workout goals and needs customized plans based on their current and targeted fitness.
  • Daily Progress Tracking – The app stores the ultimate fitness goals and milestones to achieve that goal. The user can track their daily progress, weekly progress or monthly progress with the fitness application development.
  • Steps Counter – This will update the user about the number of steps walked and the number of steps climbed in a day.
  • Push Notifications – Users can instantly know about the addition of new activities, videos, change in fitness plans, any discounts or offer with push notifications.
  • Feedback – The user can share their experience with the app, trainer, plans, and how it helped achieve their fitness goals.
  • Reminders – Users get reminders about their food intake, water intake, or any other reminder they want to set with the app.

2) Dietician App Features

  • Fitness Chart – The dietician prepares a diet chart for the users. They can get the chart and follow it.
  • BMI Calculator – This feature will calculate the body mass index of every user based on their height and weight. This will help the user to decide whether they need to increase or decrease their weight.
  • Subscription Packages – Users get different subscription packages based on the types of features included. The users can pick and pay as per their convenience.
  • Customized Plans – Based on the BMI, the dietician can create customized nutritional diet plans for the user. Every user needs a different diet plan based on their food habits and lifestyle.
  • Coupon Code – This is one of the ways to market your fitness app development and create a loyal user base. Coupon codes help the users to save money.
  • Calorie Counter – This feature will calculate and show the number of calories gained and burned based on food intake and work outdone.
  • Water Intake – It helps the user to track the amount of water intake in a day and also reminds them in a timely manner about the same.
  • Diet Chart – The dieticians prepare a diet chart of things to eat, things not to eat, the best time to eat, and how much quantity to eat for the user based on their fitness agenda.

3) Admin App Features

  • Dashboard – The admin has access to the entire fitness app through the dashboard. They can view and manage every feature of the app by logging to the dashboard.
  • User Session Management – Admin can track the sessions of the users with the app and make relevant changes to engage them for a prolonged time.
  • Trainer Management – The admin can add new fitness trainers in the app for the users and remove any old ones simultaneously.
  • Food Plans Management – The admin can make any changes in the existing food plans, add any ones, and make any changes they deem fit.
  • Subscription Plans Management – The admin manages all the subscription plans, add new things in the existing ones, change the prices, and the number of members subscribed for the plans.
  • Nutrition Management – The admin can make changes in the nutrition intake suggested in the diet plan of the users.
  • Payment Methods – The app has the option of multiple payment methods and the admin can manage them all.

Do you have any other queries? We will cover all of them for you. Comment us with any other questions you have and we will answer them for you.

1) How will mobile app improve user’s fitness?

Mobile apps keep digital track of every minute fitness details. They count calories, send notifications about food, water, exercise, any other things they deem fit. With wearables, users can also track the change in a heartbeat and learn about heart diseases on time and treat it.

2) Is mobile app transforming the fitness industry?

Yes, of course, there is a major transformation in the fitness industrywith the integration of apps. Users are heavily dependent on apps and most of the popular gyms are developing an app for attracting new customers, facilitating easy payment methods, and providing diet and workout information.

3) How to hire the best fitness app development company?

With a pool of companies, it is difficult to pick the one, the best one to develop a great app for your gym. However, check these factors while hiring your development partner.

  • Companys experience
  • Experience of the developers
  • Past clients feedback
  • Portfolio of the company
  • Experience of developing fitness apps
  • Cost estimation of the app
  • Post-launch support

4) How can I generate revenue from my fitness app?

A mobile app is one of the best ways of marketing. So you are definitely saving there. You can run contents and make money alongwith inviting more users. Another way to make money is to keep certain features locked. Also, fitness expert can be kept chargeable to make revenue from the app.

Looking to develop a fitness app? If yes, hand it over to the one with experience and expertise. 360 Degree Technosoft has developed SlimFit, a fitness application with all the trending features. Let’s discuss your idea and get started by putting your business in the public eye with a mobile app.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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