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Why Should Travelers Use A Travel App?

Mobile Application Development July 23, 2018

Travel apps for travelers

The craze of mobile apps was not this high back in the date. People were traveling then and they do travel now. So, why is there a need to use a travel app? There are people who haven’t digitized till now and do every work by physically going to the offices just like the old days. So, why we use travel app? None of the people would use it if they are not finding any benefits. They must be using it because it would be offering something amazing. If you are a frequent traveler and have already used them, you would know the importance and benefits of travel app development. If not, I can show you some of them and you would start using it to plan your next trip. Let’s get started with the benefits:


Why Use Travel Application for Travelers?


1) Penny Saver


One of the best advantages a travel app can offer is cost saving. There are various deals and offers. There are also several offers for cash back. So, why would users not use an app that offers such financial aids? We all know travel can be hell expensive and when you have got ways that can cut down your expenses, users are meant to use it.


2) Make Bookings Sitting Right On Your Couch


Whether it is hotel booking or it is flight booking, with travel app development, it can all be done in the comfort of your couch. You can check different hotels, their location, their rates, see the images of the rooms and book it right through the app. You can also make payment through the app itself. The same is the case with the flight booking. You can check different flights, their rates and book them sitting right on your couch.


Travel Applications for Travelers


3) Check Ratings And Reviews


Have you ever stayed in a hotel where after the stay you came back with a huge regret on booking that? If yes, you can be saved from that regret if you use a travel app. Travel apps allow you to check the ratings and reviews shared by the other travelers. You can also give your review and share your experience positive or negative to let other people know.


4) Get Directions


In an unknown destination, its kind of difficult to find your way and reach your desired locations. By using a travel app, you can get knowledge about the best places to visit in your travel destination and the best route to reach them and along with the estimated time to reach that. Isn’t that something you want to use?


5) Swap Your Space


This is comparatively a newer concept which you will not find in every travel app. HolidaySwap is one such app which allows swapping the space. Still confused what is the concept is? This allows you to exchange your home with other travelers. Say for example if you are staying in India and planning to visit Europe, look for the travelers who are planning to visit India and you both can exchange your home. There are some people who can come with such innovative ideas and some mobile app development companies who can give such an idea perfect execution.


Here are some of the statistical facts that will show the usage of travel apps.


1) The category of travel app ranks 7th among all the app development categories.


2) 72% of the pictures on social media is of post travel.


3) 46% of the check-ins are of the location while they are on a holiday.


4) 30% of the people make use of the mobile apps for finding the best deals on hotels.


5) 29% of the people make use of the travel application to book a flight and find the best deals on that.


6) 15% of the travel app downloads are before the time period of holidays.


7) 85% of the leisure travelers use their phones while they are traveling out of the country.


Some other uses of the mobile app


1) The use of the mobile app for checking the weather is 55.8%.


2) The use of the mobile app for searching hotels is 46%.


3) The mobile app use for buying tickets is 8.1%.


4) The mobile app usage for searching restaurants is 62.1%.


5) The use of the mobile app for using the map feature is 49.1%.


6) The mobile app usage for check-in before a flight is 23.9%.


7) The mobile app use for checking public transport is 12.6%.


8) The attractions and activities search through the mobile app is 33.3%.


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