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Wrong Notions About Custom Mobile App Development That Needs Clarity

Mobile Application Development March 26, 2018

Now that every business has shifted to mobile apps, there are companies that find sense in investing in developing an app for the long time span and not for the temporary ones. Custom apps are the perfect fit for this need. However, there are certain wrong notions that are holding the companies back from investing in custom app development. Let’s get them cleared out.



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Wrong Notions About Custom Mobile App Development


1) It Needs Prolonged Development Time


There is this entirely wrong belief that custom mobile app development will need minimum 6 months of time to get done with. Well, not true. Not at all. The time period of app development is based on the features, functionality, and requirements of the company. There are companies who need one app serving functions of multiple apps. So, this would definitely take time but choose the appropriate platform can cut down the development time to half. If the developers are smart, they will reuse the code along with the backend services for boosting up the app development process. Generally, an app needs time span of three months but when it includes the advanced features, the development time can stretch to six months. So, it’s not mandatory six months, depends on what you want in your app. Clear out the myth of mandatory long term of development.


2) Support For Custom App Is Not Easy


There is this really big fuss about custom apps that is imperative to debug. There are a bulk of apps which are bifurcated as long tail apps and are spread over the entire organization. The fact is that these apps are driven by the organization but they have the total support of the IT as well. Long tail apps are always welcomed and adored by the IT team and the myth of its nonsupport is definitely the myth and not the reality. There are advanced app development platforms which actually allow centralized control by the IT team and also simplifies the task of building apps.


3) The Use Of Custom Apps Is Rare


Well, there is no such thing as this. There is no connection between frequent and rare usage of the app and it being custom. The success ratio of an app depends on the number of users and number of downloads. However, if the app has higher download numbers but the users are not using the app then also it cannot be considered as successful. Many people think that with a custom app, users are more likely to abandon the app and not be its regular user. Well, this is a mere myth and not actual truth. To make your app flourish, you actually need o market your app the right way with the right audience along with the right development. These are the actual factors that determine the app success, number of users and conversion of those users into regular users.


4) Building The Prime Version Of The App Is Easy


The Primary version of the app can take weeks, months or if difficult it can also take years to reach the expected output. There are herds of people carrying the belief that building the Prima Facia of the app is easy. Mobile app development company need an ample amount of time to build the first version of the app that too when the concept is unique. Speeding up the development process might result in a bad quality app which might result in rejection of the app in app store. Hence in custom app development, it is not easy to get done with the first version of the app and roll it out on the go. This is just a myth.







Vihar Rana

Project Manager

Working as a project manager in 360 Degree Technosoft since its inception. Loves to learn new technology, train the team with the latest technology advancement, develop mobile apps, and share the knowledge. I love to write on Android and iOS updates, a guide to developing apps, recent designing trends, and such subjects.

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