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HQ Trivia Clone App Development

Trivia Clone App Development

Want to win some handsome amount of money sitting right at your home? I bet you would want to. Ever heard of HQ Trivia App? Well, it’s not been a long time since the app launch but it has gained a huge amount of popularity. The fan following has been tremendous and people are loving the experience of such app.

The concept of the app is that the user will have to answer 12 questions in 10 seconds each relating to their favorite category. There will be a pool of money which will be equally distributed among the winners. You can put your knowledge to good use and generate bucks from it.

Which is why people are going mad after this app. If you not just want to make money but make lots and lots of it, you might be thinking like launching an HQ Trivia like app of your own. Well, your idea definitely has the potential and let me make you believe the same.

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Why Prefer ASO Services?

  • The revenue generation as of January 2019 of the app worldwide is $200K.

  • The number of downloads as of January 2019 globally is 100K.

  • It has clocked almost $10 Million in ad revenue till date.

  • The price of the game from Monday to Saturday is $5000.

  • On Sundays, the price of the game is $25000 and on the weekday afternoons, it is $2500.

  • On special events, occasions, and holidays, the prize money can go up to $40000.

Features To Have In A HQ Trivia Clone App Development

  • Login
    There are different ways to login, the first is with Facebook. You can also login through the verification sent to your phone through text and extra login options can be added when requested.
  • Game Schedule
    The user can check the entire schedule of the game and know about the upcoming games to participate.
  • Manage Profile
    With manage profile feature, the user can change the username, rank, and avatar.
  • Balance
    This feature will help to make a request in case the user wants a cashout.
  • Refer Friend
    This feature will help to refer to the friend this app and earn more lives.
  • Leader Board
    This will show the result of the quiz conducted and the result of the user of a particular quiz played.
  • Live Support
    If the user is facing any difficulty using the app, have any query or complaint, they can use the live support feature of the app to redress their issues.
  • Timer
    This feature will show how many seconds have passed and how many are remaining to answer all the questions and complete the quiz.
  • Choose Answer
    Various options for the answers are available and a button to choose the right answer is installed.
  • Animated Question Screen
    There is a cute and animated screen of the questions of the quiz. The user enters the screen to answer all the questions and win the cash prize.
  • Winners Screen Sharing Option
    This feature will show that you have won the quiz. It is also tagged with the option of sharing it socially with your friends and followers.
  • Push Notifications
    This feature obviously sends notifications about the quiz like starting time of the quiz or any offer or an increase in the prize money or any new contest.
  • User Management
    The admin can check the number of users along with the details like how many quiz have they appeared and how many cash prize have they won.
  • Game Management
    The admin can manage the games, their date and time, amount of entry fees to be taken from the participants, and amount of cash prize to be paid to the winners.
  • Question Bank
    The admin can manage the category of the quiz, type of questions to be asked, and ways of answering them.
  • Prize Management
    The admin can decide the prize money. The amount of prize to the winner, runners up, and category wise amount to different players.
  • Live Support
    This feature will allow the admin to chat with the users, know and solve their issues relating to the quiz or prize money.
  • Cash Out Management
    Their feature will allow the admin to manage the payment of the prize money to the winners.

HQ Trivia Like Apps Developed By US

We have an immense amount of experience in developing apps in this domain. We have developed Trivia games and integrated all the top features in them. Our clients have been extremely happy and satisfied with our work. Here are some of the highlights of the same.



  • Education and ELearning App
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Mobile UI

KonceptCA is an educational app for students preparing for CPT. The app empowers students to learn with online quizzes, tutorials,...



  • Treasure Hunt Gaming App
  • Swish Payment Integration
  • QR Code Scanning

Xrundan is a treasure hunt gaming app, a digital version of ‘Tipspromenad’ which is popular as a ‘walk around quiz’. Players will...

We also have 7Cash Game app developed for the Gulf countries in this domain. It’s not been long since the deployment of the app yet it has managed to acquire 10K installs, 4 Lac games played, 5K+ daily active users, 5K+ in-app purchases, and 10K+ daily gifts and bonus. Check the app for your own:

Also, take a look at one of the flashcards apps we have developed to put your trust in us.

Time Needed For HQ Trivia Clone Application Development

Project management 15 Days
Android development 25 Days
iPhone development 25 Days
API development 20 Days
Admin 30 Days
Designing 10 Days
Testing 10 Days

Well, the estimated time may differ based on the costing model you choose or the features you customize. But, yo give you a general idea, it will be developed in 2 to 3 months.

Technology To Be Used In HQ Trivia Clone Development

In-app Purchase
Push Notifications
Cocoa Touch
3D Touch
Core Data

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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