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  • Xrundan

Find the treasure with pleasure Ever played hide and seek? Loved it, didn’t we? We always see treasure hunt in movies and cartoons, the suspense of finding and resolving is thrilling. You can get this thrill with Xrundan treasure hunt gaming app. Gamers are bifurcated in different groups and game is played accordingly. Gamers will be entailed with maps where QR code is hidden. Scan the QR code to get the question that you have to answer. The best part is that the game is to support NGO. Now, play but with a noble cause.

  • Two agenda, one app: Playing and serving.
  • Form the group, assign the player and start hunting.
  • Open the app, get the map and follow the track to the QR code.
  • Unveil the mystery wheel by scanning the QR code.
  • Break the suspense by answering the question emerged from the scan.
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