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Laundry Application Development

Getting your clothes picked, washed, ironed & delivered again is very convenient right? No hassle to carry them, drop them to the laundry place and pick them up again. You can get this service right through your phone. Just install the app and request for the service. Laundry app is convenient from the user side and profitable from service provider side. Here are some of the features that are must in a laundry app.

Features To Have In Laundry App Development

User's Features

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    Easy and quick onboarding should be availed to the user. The process should not be long and time-consuming.

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    Single Tap Pickup Request

    Users are always in hurry. A long procedure for a simple job as laundry is not what user is looking for. A single tap pickup request will notify the admin about the user's request and get it done quickly.

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    Order Tracking

    The user can track his order, whether the clothes are washed or by what time they would be washed and delivered to them.

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    Track Order History

    The user can keep a check on how many times, they have ordered laundry services for how many clothes and at what rates? This will help keep a track on laundry schedules and expenses.

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    Cost Calculator

    This feature will help the user to know the cost by inserting the number and type of clothes in the app.

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    Select Cloth Category

    There are certain clothes that need to be hand-washed, certain clothes that need to be dry cleaned depending on the category of the clothes.So, the user must be allowed with an option to choose the cloth category and type of wash it needs.

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    Push Notification Through SMS

    The user should be notified about either the delivery status or about some offers or discounts through the push notification.

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    Schedule Your Pickup And Delivery

    The user can pick a time for picking up the clothes and also for delivering the same as per their convenience.

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    Customized Payment Options

    The user can make payment of the services through varied modes. It can be either in cash or through the debit or credit card or even through the wallet.

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    Offers And Deals

    The user can take benefit of the offers & deals available on the app and save some of their valuable bucks.

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    Review And Rating

    The user can give his review and ratings about the laundry services through the app. The user can also check the reviews and ratings shared by other users to make sure that they are handing over their clothes in right hands.

Admin's Features

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    Easy and quick login without any long list of details to be filled.

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    Admin dashboard to manage everything, customers, and delivery boys through the laundry application.

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    Cloth Category Management

    The admin can add some cloth categories and remove the old ones according to the laundry service he wants to provide.

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    Multiple Prices According To Services

    The admin can change the prices of the laundry services, higher charges for a sensitive wash, extra charges for quick delivery and so on.

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    Employee Management

    The admin can manage the employees, their salary to be paid, their number of orders and any such thing through the laundry application development.

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    User Management

    With the user management feature of the laundry app, admin can check on the total number of users, their number of orders, payment received, outstanding payment and such thing.

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    Delivery Management

    The admin can access the number of deliveries, the number of delivery boys and any other delivery related matter through the app.

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    The admin can notify the users about the addition of new services, the addition of new payment methods or any new discount or offer through the laundry application.

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    Payment Management

    The admin can offer multiple payment options, through cash, card or wallet. The admin can manage the receipt from the user & make the payment to the delivery boys.

How Does A Laundry Application Work?

Among all the other on-demand services apps, laundry app is the easiest to use. Tap on the request button in the laundry app and your clothes will be collected from your place. The collected clothes will then will be washed or dry cleaned or ironed as per the service you have ordered. You will receive a notification when the service is completed and then it will be delivered to your place. You can pick the delivery timing as per convenience. Just a request button and your job are done.

Why Should You Hire Our Laundry App Development Company?

Laundry business is one of the fastest growing business across the globe. Take an example of TaskRabbit, Cleanly, and Washio, they have made it big and you can do it as well. With our laundry application development solutions, it's very easy to build an app from scratch and surge your profit level. We keep it simple for the users to understand and attractive enough to please them.

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