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Meetup Clone App Development

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Creating a group of like-minded people and asking them to meet has become very simple. I mean there used to be a time when people have to place an ad in the local newspaper or pass flyers on the community centers which now requires just a small post and people are there. Now, posting in a group of like-minded people to organize a meet would be easy if you already have a group. What if you don’t already have one?

Meetup is an event app for those who lack a particular group but intends to join one of them with similar interest and conduct meetings with people having the same interest and share knowledge. It is one of the most popular event apps globally, accepted and used the people massively.

If you are searching for a category to develop an app of your own, I think you have found one. Let me help you get some knowledge about Meetup app development, features to be included, and which is the best way to proceed with the development.

Statistical Facts About Meetup Application

This is basically an online way to conduct a meeting with persons having a similar set of interests. The number of users of the meetup app was 8 million in 2010. Then it showed a whopping increase in 2013 and reached up to 25.5 million users. As of the latest, the number of users in 2017 has been 35 million. A single user can be a part of multiple groups and respond to multiple events happening.

This app has spread its roots to 180 countries globally and in 2017 it has conducted 2,25,000 meetup groups. The groups are not bound by any size or the topic. There are groups of different size of the different category having different rules. There are almost 30+ categories and more than 18000 tags. Meetup is conducted by almost 1,40,000 organizers and any member of the group and be an organizer and sponsor the event. There are other apps as well who are competing with meetup apps like DownToMeet, Eventbrite, and GroupSpaces. They have also earned a reputation and name in the event industry.

Features To Have In A Meetup Clone Application Development

User App Features
  • Register/login

New users have to feed their details like email ID or phone number and get themselves registered with the app. Already registered users can directly login into the app.

  • Event Dashboard

The user can scroll all the events which are available in the app and book to join them through this feature.

  • Search Events

The user can search for any event by entering the name or the category in the search box and get the desired result.

  • Book Ticket

The user can also book a ticket to the meetup event through the app itself.

  • Make Payment

The user can also make the payment of the ticket book through the app. The app must have multiple modes for payment.

  • Profile Settings

The user makes any changes in his profile through this feature.

Admin App Features
  • Dashboard

The admin of the app can keep a track on all the events, bookings of the event, and customer registration through the dashboard feature of the app.

  • Assign Sub Admin

The admin is allowed to assign a sub admin with limited rights of the app.

  • Set Fees

The admin can set the fees for the meetups conducted through this feature. The admin can also check the earning from the event, earning received by organized through this feature.

  • Manage Events

The admin can check all the events, add an event, add or remove categories of the event and also disable the event.

  • App Settings

The admin can check and manage things like currency, time zone, mail configuration, and such other things.

Organizer App Features
  • Login

The organizer can login the app with their credentials.

  • Choose The Event

The organizer can select the type of event they want to conduct.

  • Scan QR Code

The organizer can scan the QR code with this feature.

  • Ticket Analytics

The organizer can track the number of tickets sold, which category of ticket sold in which prize and such other details.

How Much Time Will Be Required For Meetup Clone App Development?

Project management 15
Android development 25
iPhone development 25
Web development 35
API development 15
Admin 30
Designing 10
Testing 10

The overall time period for developing a meetup clone app would be around 40 working days. It may vary based on the features as well.

Meetup Like Apps We Have Developed

Investing in a mobile app is not like fishing in a barrel. No divergent ways to the fact that you would be looking for experience and expert to pull this development process for you. Well, we have the exact experience of event app development like meetup to showcase you our skills and potential. We have developed several event apps like Wain and ABB. We have also developed a social media app like Peekhunt having somewhat similar functionality. Take a look for yourself.



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Technology To Be Used For Meetup Clone Development ?

Why Choose 360 Degree Technosoft For Meetup Clone App Development?

We just gave you all the reasons above as to why should you choose us. We know exactly what you want and we are competent enough to provide you with the same. We even know a thing or two you might not know because of our experience in the similar domain. It can be of great use to you. You might be having various thoughts about whether to develop or not a Meetup like an app or not? which platform to choose? Things to do and things not to do and the questions go on. We have worked with plenty of clients who were in your place and just look now they have their apps in our portfolio like Wain, ABB, and PeekHunt. Just fill the form or give us a call and we will guide you with all your confusions.

"Also, the use of the name of such a popular app is not meant for the infringement of any copyright. Just to be very clear, we develop our apps from scratch and handover the 100% source code to the clients at the end of the project."

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