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Mobile Risk Management

Today, running a business isn’t easy. Mobility solutions can seem great but you need to be aware of the risks too. Ensure best practices and lessen the risks associated with mobile devices. Go beyond traditional mobile device management services and cut costs on redundant software. Make the overall security quotient much more efficient and ensure that corporate data is protected and all regulatory compliances adhered to. Mobile Risk Management (MRM) helps do all this. Have the heterogeneous deployment of Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry OS with ease.

At 360 Degree Technosoft, we know that Risk Management Solutions are an integral part of every business. That’s why we can help you attain the right amount of risk mitigation, device management as well as compliance assurance through a well thought out approach to MRM. Be it using Bluetooth or NFC, there’s a lot going on today in the mobile world.

Why do you need Risk Management Solutions for iPhone, iPad and Android?

Most organizations need a well thought out plan and strategy as there can be many complex security and compliance risks. Perform device backup auditing and thresholds with ease. Take accounting to a new level and secure your data. Do more with password aging facility (the central server determines when you need to change your password) and strength policies (that helps get the latest security patches and updates).

Here are a few other reasons how Mobile Risk Management can help:

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    Provide you with an analysis of the various risk factors and make you use how to mitigate risk as well as protect and enable mobility.
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    Help you access your risk profile better and tell you how to protect your assets and stay within compliance requirements.
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    Will help you ward off the threat of data loss and leakage and security breaches which can threaten your reputation.
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    Help you be aware of frauds and cyber attacks and to deal with them accordingly.

Mobile Risk Management can help you in more ways than one. Today, you really do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. MRM can help you mitigate financial risks you can occur due to non compliance. You can safely protect your Intellectual Property too, without any feat of data leakage.

How We Help?

We fully address risks that are associated with mobility infrastructure and access situational risks as well as external physical threats that can occur. We help you identify potential threats and stop any compliance breaches, helping your company and business focus on other important things.

The design driven development technology methodology employed by us helps verify that all devices and mobility infrastructure remain in a known trusted state. Most importantly, we help you deploy as well as manage corporate apps, data and documents securely and design high level architecture with ease.

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