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Upgrade Mobile Application

With the development of cut-throat competitions among the mobile apps Operating systems, it is mandatory that there is going to be a change in update of software and other features in OS. Accordingly, there has to be an upgrade in mobile app specification and functionalities to make it run on newer devices seamlessly.

It is not necessary to transfer a complete new set of assistance for this upgrade. Slight technological modifications can optimize app utility as it was with previous versions. The user of the app does not have save downloads or progresses of the app, but they will automatically be help upon as were before.

Reasons to Upgrade your Mobile App:

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    Supported by new version of OS i.e. iOS 7 or Android KitKat 4.4
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    Hindrances in phone compatibility leading to hangs
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    Errors or bugs prevailing within the app
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    Increased app utility in the market demanding newer versions
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    Target audience increment by the app makers
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    Security reasons regarding performance issues with app

With over 300+ apps developed and established app consultant in the market since last 3+ years, 360 Degree Technosoft has premium packages for mobile applications migration and upgrades. To maintain a stable credibility and create enhanced prospects for your app in the market, it is necessary to upgrade mobile apps.

Mobile apps upgrading and migration is done by us of all platforms like:

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    Android 4.4.1 (until KitKat)
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    iPhone apps for 5S and 5C ( iOS 7.1)
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    Windows Mobile apps till latest version launch as on date

In addition to this, if you come up with requirements and new ideas, we build mobile apps for all domains and platforms.

Let your App run on all Latest Devices!!

Upgrade your apps now to make them compatible with all devices and gadgets.

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