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How To Develop A Top Selling App?

Mobile Application Development September 27, 2018

top selling mobile app development

The number of apps is increasing with each passing day. The app stores are over flooded with apps. Now, if you want to make your own addition in this crowded place, why do you think someone will even bother to take a look at your app? The answer to this why will decide the future of your app. So, do you want the future of your mobile app to be long lasting? If the answer is yes, go ahead and read the full article describing the tips to develop a top selling app.


1) Higher Compatibility


There are different devices with different screen size and different OS. The app you develop and deploy must be compatible with every device and every OS. Other than that, the app must also be compatible with varied platforms. The apps should function properly and efficiently with Android and iOS both platforms. If you don’t focus on compatibility, a wholesome amount of users will betray your app in short span.


2) Regular Performance


There should not be any glitch in the performance of the app. A small malfunction can breach users trust and in no time they will abandon your app. Is this what you want? To maintain the quality standards, it is must to test the app before launch. Performance of the app is also rated by the loading time it takes, and battery consumption. Hence, make sure your app has minimum CPU consumption, loads faster, and even with low or no network condition, the app runs nicely.


Develop A Top Selling App


3) Faster Load Time


Those apps that take plenty of time to load, gets uninstalled from the user’s device in a blink of an eye. All those hard work, time, and effort would go in vain before even the user gets to see it. All these because of slow loading of the app. An app needs plenty of functions and data which results in slow loading of the app. What you can for not let the users slip away is to show a different screen while the app loads. This will keep the user entertained for while and also let them know the app is loading in the background.


4) App Crash


Those mobile apps which keep on freezing time and again are hated by the users. The basic UI of the app should always be active and open for the users. If your app takes more time to load, you should try running a secondary thread so that it will save a little bit of time.


5) Ad-free App


I know inserting ads in the middle of the app usage is a great way to generate revenue. But, what if your app gets uninstalled if the user gets bored with ads? Generating a nice user base at the primary phase is difficult and time-consuming but losing them at once won’t be difficult. So, make sure to keep your app ad-free to save it from getting uninstalled.


6) Usability


If the app you are developing is of no use to the users, it won’t be a success in any way. So, make some market research and choose a category of the app which is useful to the user in their daily base. Say, for example, cab booking apps, grocery apps, travel apps are some of the apps which will be useful to every user. If your app is of such category and avails right amount of discounts and offers, users will tend to use the app in their daily routine.

Jignesh Audichya

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager and Sales Generation Leader who thrives to take the personal and professional growth to the next level.

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