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Why Are Music Apps So Much Popular?

mobile app startup, Mobile Application Development February 18, 2019

Music app development
Well, the simple answer to this question is that people use it every day. Not just every day, but they use it everywhere and every time. If you don’t believe me, let me make you believe. Do you go to the gym? If yes, there is always music playing in the gym. Secondly, do you go to the gym by car or bike? If its car, there will be music playing in the car as well and if the bike, you will have your headphones on while reaching the gym. Even at your home, there will be refreshing morning beats playing in your home. Even during the shower we need some music and humming to make the day.


So, you are convinced or I should keep going? I guess this is enough and if not, just rethink your daily activities and check for yourself, how many of them includes music. Before few years, to get the music of our choice, we used to download the songs from varied music websites and then store them into our local storage. Well, that was a whole different time which is not existent anymore. Music apps have replaced this entire need of downloading. Majority of the people listens to the music online. The downloading craze still exists but not from the websites from the apps they use.


Hence, music apps are massively popular and music streaming app development companies are heavily in demand. Well, if you are carrying a similar idea, that idea needs the execution. I know I know its easier said than done. After all, it’s your investment at stake and you need some strong reasons to believe in the idea. Let me show the revenue figures for music streaming apps to help you build trust.

Year Revenue in Million US $
2015 3944
2016 5446
2017 6637
2018 7820
2019 8916
2020 9879
2021 10691


Take a look at the numbers and growth. You can now take a breath of relief that idea has the potential and if implemented the right way a great channel to generate revenue.


Also, there is nothing bad in following the top players of the music industry to get a fair idea of what they are doing and what you should do to reach that place. Let me jot down the trending music applications of the current time.
1) Spotify
2) Apple music
3) Youtube music
4) Google play music
5) Deezer
6) Tidal
7) SoundCloud
8) Pandora
9) Amazon Music
10) TuneIn

How Does A Top Music Streaming App Like Spotify Generate Revenue?


There are two effective ways through which you can make money. Right at the launch of your app, you can’t think of keeping it paid. You won’t be able to grab the users you need when you ask them to pay for using the app. They will definitely find a better option which is free and turn to those apps. You don’t want that for sure. So, here’s how you can make money and still keep your users intact.


1) In-app ads

The best way to make money these days is ads. There are ads involved in every app and to be fair, there are plenty of them involved. If everyone around you is doing it, why don’t you? So, yes allow other apps to place their ads and make money for your app.

2) Premium Features

Another way you can try is by locking up your premium features for the paid customers. Keep the basic features of the app free but some extraordinary features locked up. This is one way you can make money for your app and yet keep your user base stable.

What is the Best Way to Develop A Music Streaming App?

It’s best to leave the job to the experienced. Look for the best mobile app development company and hire them. This is the best way to develop a music app. Start doing your research and pick out a list of companies you think is competent to understand and come up with a solution that matches your needs. If you want to ditch that process, 360 Degree Technosoft can help you make your idea into a successful product.

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